Super GM Grasping For Air || Deac vs Giri || Superbet Chess Classic (2021)

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Bogdan Daniel Deac vs Anish Giri
Superbet Chess Classic, Round 1 5.6.2021.
Queen’s Gambit Declined semi-Slav (D43)

1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Nf3 e6 5.Bg5 h6 6.Bh4 dxc4 7.e4 g5 8.Bg3 b5 9.Be2 Bb7 10.Qc2 Nh5 11.Rd1 Nxg3 12.hxg3 Na6 13.a3 Bg7 14.e5 Qe7 15.Ne4 O-O-O 16.Nd6+ Rxd6 17.exd6 Qxd6 18.O-O g4 19.Ne5 Bxe5 20.dxe5 Qxe5 21.Bxg4 h5 22.Rfe1 Qf6 23.Bf3 h4 24.b3 cxb3 25.Qxb3 hxg3 26.fxg3 Qg7 27.Qd3 Nc7 28.Qd6 c5 29.Qd7+ Kb8 30.Bxb7 Kxb7 31.Rxe6 Qxg3 32.Qc6+ Kb8 33.Qd6 Qxd6 34.Rexd6 Kb7 35.Rf6 Rh7 36.Rd7 b4 37.axb4 cxb4 38.Kf2 a5 39.Ke2 Rg7 40.Rfxf7 Rxg2+ 41.Kd1 Rg1+ 42.Kc2 Rg2+ 43.Kb1 Rg1+ 44.Kb2 Rg2+ 45.Kb1 Rg1+ 46.Kb2 Rg2+ 47.Kb1 Rg1+

The Superbet Chess Classic is a 10-player classical round-robin taking place in the Sheraton Bucharest Hotel in Bucharest, Romania from 5-14 June 2021. It’s the first stage of the 2021 Grand Chess Tour, a series of five events with a total prize fund of $1.275 million.

In Bucharest the players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. Official website:

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  1. 6:02 What is the word he says ("a nice ???") after moving the rook to E1?

  2. Would bringing the king to the f file work to prevent the draw?

  3. Thank you for presenting this game,from Romania!

  4. Agadmator a advise to u as a subscriber plzz try to cover faster i watched this 14 hours ago in gotham chess chanel with other games sa well.

  5. I guess it should have been gasping* here @agadmator. No Worries ! Anyways Great Content.

  6. I believe the two idioms you are conflating are "gasping for air", and "grasping at straws".

  7. Happy to see that my experience with semi-Slav aren't much worse than a super GM.

  8. OSF or called as Our Silicon Friends ^^

  9. Super GM Grasping For Air & Super Medo Gasping for Food

  10. The title says "Grasping for air" – should it not be "Gasping for air"?

  11. Yeeeey, a fellow Romanian young GM ! 😊 It's pronounced "de-ak" 😀😀.

  12. I love how you said ,,Bucuresti" like a romanian.

  13. Romanian is a Romance language, and so it is their "c" letter.

    It does have quite a lot of slavic influences (da!), so it needs a letter for the slavic "Ц" (cyrillic) / "c" (latin).
    As romanian already has a "c" letter with an already assigned function and sound, it uses a different letter.
    That letter is "ț" (NOT "t", see for example the name of the city Constanța

  14. Gg for Anish going for the Slav defense vs a romanian

  15. I knew Deac wasn't going to win when the queen check he gave was the move I would have played in that position.

  16. Finally it's nice to see medo in his spot. Many videos have passed without him being there and it's cause for concern.

  17. Grasping for air? Shouldn’t it be “gasping”? I know English is your second language and you are exceptionally good at it, but I’m just saying.

  18. Romanian language has a really simplistic pronunciation. Deac would be pronounced as read. D-e-a-c. With an accent on E. dEac. No reading between the lines. Simply dEac. Sound the letters without any weight or inflection aside from the accent.

  19. Amazing video Antonio. #agadmator

    I'd like to tell a little correction though- it's 'gasping for air' and not 'grasping for air'.

    Again, great wok as always!

  20. I bet his grandfather had been spell his name like "Deák" 😉 (like Ferenc Deák, the great Hungarian politician).

  21. It's perfect chess by my Romanian Young Master Bogdan Daniel DEAC ~tivate~ it's a oauuu play !!

  22. hello everyone , Medo says yes I have a bone😀

  23. black pawn to b4 gets the participation trophy: "that kind of a move sometimes does make sense, but it loses the game on the spot 🤷🏼‍♂️" lol thanks for trying b4, maybe next "sometime" 😎👍 (>'.')^^('.'<)

  24. after Kc2 Rg2 couldn't white move his rook to d2?

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