The Tata Steel Chess Masters just started today, and it’s one of the strongest chess tournaments in the world featuring 14 of the world’s best chess players including Magnus Carlsen. The tournament is 14 round-robin (everyone plays everyone) and the time control is classical. This is the recap of round 1 – hope you enjoy!!

Photo: Lennart Ootes ()

00:00 Intro

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  1. Love how you simplify these incredibly complex positions, and GREAT game choices! TY!

  2. Anna this was great your enthusiasm jumps through the TV screen.
    I would love to see Mom and/or Dad co-host with you
    Pia is a genius
    Juan is a silent assassin

  3. At 31:35: maybe I don't see something obvious, but what's wrong with white Q takes f5?

  4. How does the game continue after moving the white queen to E7 (check) on 33 min. and 31 sec, would that be a smart move?

  5. Pretty much any person that you follow except Nakamura I guess.

  6. You are killing it Girl! You seriously are the Bees Knees and the Cat's Whiskers! GO Girl GO!

  7. Why has Alireza not been active recently? Anyone knows?

  8. Are these guys making some pretty good money for doing well in tournaments like these, and are they getting more popular with top talent like this one?
    What say you? (I don't know)

  9. how me are here for the women and not chess ? because there are better chess content creators than her! ( Including me )

  10. Just an FYI: Richard Rapport is Hungarian (though plays for Romaina) so his name is pronounced as Ri-Hard not Ri-CHard, like you would a German Richard's name.

  11. Thanx for insightful explanation Anna! Love it!

  12. why hikaru doesnt play in this tournoument???? he is not that good?? btw i am new at chess

  13. Why didn't he take check mate with the rook?

  14. Why ain't Levy playing… I think there's been an oversight!

  15. you're really so beautiful and intelligent; killer combo 😀

  16. HOW could someone as beautiful as Anna be into a goofy looking dork with hair like Magnus? It looks like he is in a contest with sbf to see who can have the dumbest looking clown hair lol. ONE thing for sure… if beautiful people like Anna promote chess then chess is gonna be more popular lol 🙂

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