Someone is Hunting the Candidates || MVL vs Deac || Superbet Chess Classic (2021)

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Maxime Vachier Lagrave vs Bogdan Daniel Deac
Superbet Chess Classic, Round 2, 6.6.2021.
Ruy Lopez, open, Bernstein variation (C80)

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.O-O Nxe4 6.d4 b5 7.Bb3 d5 8.dxe5 Be6 9.Nbd2 Be7 10.c3 O-O 11.Bc2 f5 12.exf6 e.p. Nxf6 13.a4 b4 14.Re1 Bg4 15.Nf1 Bc5 16.Be3 d4 17.cxd4 Nxd4 18.Bxd4 Bxf3 19.Qxf3 Qxd4 20.Rad1 Qxb2 21.Re2 Qc3 22.Rd3 Qa1 23.Rd1 Qc3 24.Rd3 Qa1 25.g4 b3 26.Bxb3+ Kh8 27.g5 Ng8 28.Qd5 Bd6 29.Rh3 g6 30.Qd3 Rf5 31.Qc3+ Qxc3 32.Rxc3 Rxg5+ 33.Ng3 Nf6 34.Kf1 Rb8 35.h3 Re5 36.Bc4 Rc5 37.Rcc2 Ra5 38.Ne4 Nxe4 39.Rxe4 Rxa4 40.h4 Kg7 41.h5 gxh5 42.Re1 Rbb4 43.Be2 Rh4 44.Bf3 a5

The Superbet Chess Classic is a 10-player classical round-robin taking place in the Sheraton Bucharest Hotel in Bucharest, Romania from 5-14 June 2021. It’s the first stage of the 2021 Grand Chess Tour, a series of five events with a total prize fund of $1.275 million.

In Bucharest the players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. Official website:

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  1. Thank you for the video, Antonio. We're really glad to have all these amazing players here in Bucharest. The name Deac is pronounced a bit differently though. You have a really good idea now with the "deck" pronunciation but the "a" is a strong letter. You pronounced it okay on the first video where the final c wasn't all that great. now if you combine the two you'll get it right. Romanian is one of these weird language where all the letters from a word are strongly pronounced. so once again, feel free to try it out in another video or if you just want to enjoy the show, it's pronounced like Deak (in Croatian)

  2. Agad just call Bogdan Deac by his first name, I know that it's a common name in Croatia so you won't have any problems with it. You're still pronouncing it wrong 🙂

  3. "That was correctly captured" – I'm finished. I can't believe I wanted to push the g7 pawn 🙂

  4. 3 hours later the Medo has not finished the bone 😀

  5. That Romanian player is great player i hope we see him in the next years in top gms tournaments

  6. The Commentators after MVL’s 25.g4: The romanian is young, unexperienced, just above 2600, a last minute replacement…etc
    The Commentators after Deac’s 25…b3!!: A young prospect, could be soon into 2700’s, showing maturity in his play…etc.

  7. New opening from agadmator:
    e4 e5 nf3 nc6 kb5
    The bongcloud, Spanish variation

  8. Hi agadmator – first time commenter. The way to pronounce Deac’s last name is like day-yuck :de (like from ‘day’ ) + ac (like from kayak). Cheers!

  9. Of course, Deac won because he played B4! There is no coincidence, the hyperturbodelayed reverse evan’s gambit is undefeatable 🙂

  10. It's DeAaaaaac!!!
    Hope you get it right next time. I enjoy all of your videos and it kinda hurts my soul that you misspronunciate romanian names, but get all the other pretty darn great :))

  11. i really want to see a game where MVL wins the game… the games you showed are the ones which he loses in good style :)))

  12. Medo is part of this chanle, i am very happy that his place not be captured, i hope we see agadgirl in video very soon that she say hello every one to all, thats be a briliant moment for agad and thus chanle. Thanks agad

  13. Don't feel agadmator your pronunciation and way of speaking amazing "your English speaking is better than my teacher" ! 👍🙂

  14. Romanian is super phonetic. Always pronounce anything the way it is written. In this case, De – Ac But in one syllable.

  15. There is a very strong player who is beyond magnus

  16. Lasker: When you see a good move, look for a better one.
    Me: When you see a good square, look for a better one.

    MVL had the right idea, and the right piece. But his choice of square on which to execute what would have ultimately been a winning move turned into a losing move. Happens to EVERYBODY.

  17. The wife (maybe): I have a bone to pick with you.
    The dog (definitely): I have a bone to pick without you. Don't even think about disturbing me.

  18. Čini mi se da Rumuni u komentarima govore da mi se ime izgovara DEAK kad bi čitao po srpskohrvatskom. Nije DEK. Dugo a kao u seljak ili merak. Mislim ko ga j**e. Ali za sljedeći video…

  19. It's really funny when he took out the king in place of bishop 😂

  20. 1:06 Agadmator grabs the king.
    Me: Ooooh – The Bong cloud!
    1:09 Agadmator moves the king from e1 to b5.
    Me: Wow – Must have been a Bong tornado!


  22. With Agadmator, his pet dog also became famous.

  23. I hoped for some Bong Cloud action when you were about to move the King instead of the Bishop

  24. Ke1-b5 had me cracking up xD saludos de México everybody!! hope everybody is well; take care!!


  26. 😀 It is pronounced Deac, not Dec. I dont know who helped you but he/she helped you wrong 😉

  27. It is not pronounced like "deck" it is "deh-ah-c". There's an extra A in there

  28. This reminded me of Garou from One Punch man. Or Piccolo from Dragon Ball

  29. Deac is pronounced like De Yuck. It comes from Diacon, a traditional church role.

  30. Kao što rekoše braća Rumuni u komentarima, čitaj ga kao Deak. Inače potiče od mađarskog Deák, a na našem je to Đak.

  31. Calm down while moving pieces. There's no hurry. we can wait. XD

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