Skibidi Toilet Chess Tournament | Upgraded Scientist Toilet VS Injured Titan Cameraman Team

✅ Skibidi Toilet Tournament in Minecraft PE | Upgraded Scientist Toilet Team VS Injured Titan Cameraman on chess board with brawl stars rank up!

🏆 Welcome to ChessClash. Here you’ll see your favorite characters go head-to-head on the chessboard or in Minecraft PE. Тoday you will see an exciting power up battle between Team Scientist Toilet and Team Injured Titan Cameraman. the battle will take place in minecraft pe with a new addon update that adds Clockman, Injured Cameraman Team and Upgraded G-Toilet.

⚔️ The rules of battle are different from classic chess: Each character has their own piece and their own side. when pieces clash, the stronger one wins! Watch the video to see who will come out on top. Аlso don’t forget to indicate your favorite character or name the team you support.

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