Simple & Powerful Opening for Black – Pirc Defense | Best Chess Moves, Traps, Strategy & Ideas

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Pirc Defense – Here’s a simple & powerful opening strategy for black, which can help you beat your opponents & win more chess games. These chess opening plans, moves, tactics, tricks and ideas, will help you advance to a really solid middlegame. We’ll look at the Czech Pirc Defense and all the best moves in different variations (Classical, Austrian Attack, 150 Attack & Byrne variation) of the main line in the Pirc Defence. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Chess Openings – Introduction
0:48 Pirc Defense – First Moves
1:51 Czech Pirc Defense – Strategy & Ideas for Black
4:46 About Skillshare
5:59 Czech Pirc Defense – Strategy & Ideas for White
7:28 Pirc Defense – Main Lines
8:06 Pirc Defense – Classical variation
9:09 Pirc Defense – Austrian Attack
10:39 Pirc Defense – 150 Attack & Byrne variation
11:38 Chess Puzzle

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  1. For the puzzle I think the best move is bishop to g5 pining his queen, if captures the knight you can take his queen

  2. Puzzle answer is bishop g5 and take out queen

  3. The answer of the puzzle is Bg5 which wins the knight on e7

  4. You cannot beat those players who have watched this video.

  5. I am first view of your chess tips and tricks

  6. When my opponent play random moves y feel lost

  7. Watched full video then confused for the second move during match☠️

  8. Super super excited for chess after discovering this channel. I just started learning a week ago and I'm 27 but a lot of other chess channels just don't give as quality of an explanation as you do. Keep up the good work you're my first chess teacher. 😊

  9. Solution for the puzzle is bg5 black plays Qf5 and bf3 and Queen is trapped….!!

  10. White square bishop to D3? Preparing to attack Black's Queen with black square Bishop.

  11. Your tricks are halping me at the school tournament😁😁 thanks🙂….

  12. What happens if White moves pawn to a3 after the queen is out?

  13. For puzzle i think bishop d3 attacking on pawn then knight f3 then queen h4 and now queen h7 its chakemate

  14. If after Czech Defense white plays bishop to g5 and attacks our knight then what’s the option, either take it with pawn or move pawn ahead to support with the queen ?

  15. Pathetic editing. We can't see chess board properly

  16. I have a bit of a problem with this opening because my opponents play Nf3 instead of d4 and then they push the pawn and get a knight in the center. Nevertheless, very op

  17. I love the kings Indian defense and attack, and this opening goes great with it.

  18. I dont think Bd3 is a great move black will easily saw the threat and difence it

  19. Wow u r traps r great. I loved them too much. Mostly, I have watched ur videos.
    Upload some more interesting traps and tricks.❤❤🎉

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