Sigma Chess Kids #shorts

The tournament you wouldn’t want to be in! 🗿
Video: ChessBase India

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  1. And I thought I was good for my age at 400 ELO☠️

  2. You don't even need those kids to make xqc become uncanny, any kid will do.

  3. Who was the kid between arjun erigaisi and hikaru nakamura

  4. Hikaru is like so good even when he was a kid while me i still dont know what do i do what bishop is or knight

  5. Those kids made men cry in chess matches😅😅

  6. Don't be scare bro if these are BAD then STOCKFISH letest version is their DAD 😂

  7. "Indians have very high chess intelligence and I only lose to Indians😑

  8. I would resign instantly if they were my opponents

  9. I can't recognise the last one . Is that arjun

  10. Sir,are you the head? Im here to withderaw

  11. Adults in kids section : 😏
    Kids in adult section:💀

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