Sicilian adventures: classical chess with commentary

me trying my best to rise to 2600 on classical chess on, with commentary!

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  1. Wow i did miss a very simple mate at move 28! Thank you guys for pointing it out =)

  2. Brilliant video as always. Well done in your match and good luck next Friday!! GM here you come!!

  3. You was rude, not him. He just wait a few seconds after you write to him "thanks for a game" (which also was rude from your side in my opinion) to give you that opportunity to execute checkmate in one move but you get so excited about it and want to explain power of your bishop to your viewers, even if they understand that 10 moves before.
    If you want to show analysis than do it AFTER A GAME, don't let opponent to wait. Also is possible that they don't care about what you have to say in the chat window, especially before game is ended.

  4. GM Givon. That has a nice sound, don’t you think? I wonder how you’ll sleep Thursday night. What a big day. Good luck!

  5. Hey, its Ethan (isolatedpun) good games. I didn't even realize that it was mate in one until you said "thanks for the game" in chat! I guess I need to work on my tactics more, haha. Anyways ggs.

  6. Nice video! I am new to this channel but I already like your style of teaching. Good luck in becoming GM!

  7. Good game and please show the game you had with the Gm.

  8. Great game/video! I really liked your training videos! I think it would be really interesting if you did a live stream of you and your student playing games and critiquing in between. 😄

  9. thahnsk alot yaar best of luck for your gm norm i have to tell you one thing sir my thought processs runs like you always your channle instpire mei yaar usperb and i also copy your thought process sir

  10. Wasn't there a checkmate in 3 on move 28 with Qxh2+?

  11. you need to upload more man, been waiting way too long for more videos

  12. Just found your channel from reddit. Very instructive.. Subscribed

  13. @22:11 Rh6 and white can resign, there is no sensible defense.

    A very good video, do upload more. ;}

  14. Asaf you are so unpolite guy.İf you a move that checkmates him do it so quick.You just showing yourself that i am a great player!

  15. Good luck on your next norm! I wish you all the best!

  16. A really instructional video keep these videos comin.

  17. You missed mate in three: 28. … Qxh2

  18. Many thanks for these videos .. as always very instructional
    ..and best of luck in your next GM norm

  19. You have to allow your opponent the checkmate. Otherwise it's just rude. 😉

  20. Awesome game, and very instructive! Like some other commenters, I also saw the mate in two during the game. I started yelling at the computer, but it scared my cat. (I think the exact same thing happened with my chess coach watching my game on youtube once.)

  21. Incredibly beautiful game yet again. Fingers crossed for Friday, good luck!

  22. Really enjoy these. You explain ideas well. Please post more and why not come join the twitch chess community? Also congrats on nearing GM title!

  23. Didn't you have a beautiful game winning queen sac at 22:22? His king is smothered with his rook so qxh2, kxh2 only move. Rh6+, qh5+ (only move to block check) followed by rxh5+. What am I missing?

  24. hi asaf givon you are a great player 😀 i dont know why that cheater called you bad before, maybe he lost too many games on MGE in tf2 so he is mad lol, anyway keep it up i love your playing

  25. 28..Qxh2 would have finished the game , great videos !

  26. Always enjoyed watching your games with commentary .Every time i watch i learn something .Thanks

  27. Make a vedio by palying 15 +15 game against stronger a stronger opponent .

  28. בדקה 22:15 אתה יכול להקריב את המלכה בh2 ואז זה מט בשני משאים

  29. Shitty accent , and shitty Kind of beard… 🤢🤮

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