Shortest Chess Game Ever? White Wins in 2 Moves, but How | Chess Anecdotes & Lessons for Players

Is this the shortest chess game you’ve ever seen? In this video, I share with you a short fun story/anecdote about a correspondence game played between James Franklin Campbell and Alan Ehrlich in 1990. Campbell was playing with the white pieces & Ehrlich was playing with the black pieces and they started with the modern defense chess opening. This was a long distance game & not a regular over the board game where both players sit at the Chessboard and play at the same time. Both players were using the postal method to make & communicate their moves to their opponent. In order to save some time & money for postage, black decided to make two moves at once. This is what white took advantage of & trapped the black bishop & rook. After which, Black resigned in only 2 moves & white won the game. This game teaches us an important lesson in chess. Whether you are playing as white or black, you need to consider your opponent’s moves before making yours. No matter whether its the opening, middlegame or the endgame, every stage of the game is important. Eventhough this is an old correspondence game played via post, but the lesson is relevant even today. You need to keep this in mind even while playing a chess game online.

I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can find the best move for white in the given chess problem.

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  1. The solution for this puzzle is knight e7 if rook takes, queen takes and now there is an unavoidable check mate going back even if rook does not take and the king moves to F8 then queen is lost and a double check,king G8 is forced and rook h8 finishes off the game

  2. Qf8check
    if king takes queen Rh8 mate
    If rook takes queen Knight e7mate

  3. at 3:20 Qf8+ – Rxf8 Ne7#. if he capture with the king Kxf8 Rh8#

  4. First player sends one move in post before that that post reaches second player dies see u in next life 😂

  5. Qf8+ Rf8 forced Ne7+ and the black queen is gone and is a checkmate

  6. This ACTUALLY WORKS in bullet chess games. People just premove the modern defense

  7. White Black
    1. Qf8 Rxf8
    2. Ke7#
    1. Qf8 Kxf8
    2. Rh8#

  8. Moral of the story is you should not resort to click bait for cheap views

  9. very surprising game this was and true fact we shouldnt make moves without thinking about them

  10. knight to e7 giving check and trying to kill the queen so rook takes e7 then queen take e7 then white will easily win the game

  11. Ne7+ forking king and queen rxne7 qxre7 and white wins excange

  12. The bishop can just move to g6 and take the white bishop

  13. Not gonna lie when I seen this title I though this game would go 1. f3, e5. 2. g4, Qh4#

  14. The black bishop can take the white bishop it's wrong

  15. 3:20 knight to e7, if rook captures then qxe7 then suppose black queen to qf7 then white queen to e8 check mate

  16. A2D Agree To Disagree - Non Debatable says:

    Why wouldn’t black just take white bishop???? I don’t see the logic in black move after white to h6

  17. Knight e7 we are giving chek by that move chek to king and we getting queen and then
    he play pon A5 to attykt on queen then rook h8 if he kypchar knight then queen and give chek if he kypchar knight with rook then we want to kypchar by queen

  18. solution to puzzle:
    Qf8 Rf8 Ne7 checkmate
    another variation – Qf8 Kf8 Rh8 checkmate

  19. The Best move for white is Qf8+ Black is forced to capture the queen with king or rook. If rook takes then Ne7# is a checkmate. If king takes then Rh8# is a checkmate

  20. queen to f8 followed by night to e7😂😂

  21. I have one dout why black cannot take a white bishop by black bishop

  22. Black's error. And making a commitment to two moves at once changes the game. That rule makes it a different game, not real chess.

  23. Did you say they exchanged mails in the 90s? For weeks? They couldn't use phones? Lol

  24. Knight e7 he have to save queen so rook takes after when takes and he is gone

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