Round 9 – 2018 GRENKE Chess Classic – Live commentary

Live commentary with Grandmaster Peter Leko and Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson on Round 9 of the 2018 GRENKE Chess Classic in Baden-Baden, Germany.
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  1. 1 :50 :16 Leko's reaction, to kazim's suggestion… is priceless

  2. ofcourse Peter likes the good stuff from jacko!😆

  3. Thanks to GM Peter and GM Jan for the awesome commentary throughout the tournament.

  4. Feels bad for Nikita Vitiugov. He played so well but Fabiano seems unstoppable. I hope Vitiugov gets more invitations to top tournaments from now on.

  5. The post match interview between Carlsen and Vishy is lovely. So nice to see them both relaxed and laughing. The mutual respect and liking of the other person is clearly visible. I also love Carlsens aproach to his games, he sets himself to extremly high standards and does everything in his power not to loose. But further than that it seems like he mainly judges his games on "interestingness", and less on the actual result. His passion for the game of chess really shines through.

  6. GM Rustam was a great guest, he is super knowledgeable! Would love to see him participating in chess24 content more often such as more live commentary or video series

  7. All the rounds had good commentary but some how this round 9 was special. I become a fun of Peter Leko. A huge surprise for me. "viriatovitch"

  8. 13:27 Magnus checks out the other games and sees Fabi's Qd7 😂😂😂

  9. 1:58:30 "Something is not right with the system" Careful my friends, youtube has ears!

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