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  2. Dude I'll be so happy if you become a GM someday

  3. You're probably better at chess than I ever will be at anything in my life, but I have a suggestion for you if you're willing to consider it. Actively practice playing cool chess against GMs. Set some GM matches aside as ones that you don't go into trying to win, but simply trying to play the best game you can without losing your cool. It seems like, in these games, you're trying to learn how to read the board better while also trying to learn how to get in the zone and not let the pressure affect you. Or perhaps relearn, as it's something I'm sure many of us run into on repeat as we face new challenges. It's too much. It's like teaching a novice about endgames, opening theory, and how the pieces move all at the same time. It's not efficient.

    It's okay to spend some time sucking while you work on this. Go into your games not trying to outperform yourself tactically, but instead with the goal of catching your nerves in action and conditioning yourself to play confidently. Try to outperform yourself spiritually, push yourself in that dimension. Catch yourself when you think about yourself or the other person, recognize it in the moment, and let it go. Practice that until you can consistently and easily get your brain in the state where you and your opponent don't exist. Just the board.

  4. Before even watching this! Levy is a liar! 🙂

  5. Get as far as you can friend. im rootin for ya

  6. In this video you can clearly see that levy is a chess fan first and then a player. I think in order to him become a GM he has to be a chess player first. I mean it seems that he admire and respect too much the GMs. He has to see gms as equal as a player like him.

  7. My road to becoming an average chess player starts now this is all the motivation I need

  8. At the start of the video I was just going to say you have plenty of or support on the journey whether you reach the intended destination or no (which I personally think probable).

    But now mostly…. Woohoo….! Nice win!!! Good job:)))))

  9. Your pronunciation of Köln/cologne was very accurate, almost like a native speaker 👏🏻👍🏻I didn’t think a American could pronounce Köln correctly to be honest 😂

  10. I remember the first Road to GM. I am very glad you worked on your mental health and was able to find out the weak points. Even more glad that you have a plan on how to overcome them. I wish the best of luck and I will be cheering for you, you are a very talented Chess Player and you deserve the GM title. 🙂


  12. Welcome back! Come to Cologne end of August and have some fun with Hundreds of Thousands of nerds 😉

  13. Let’s make this video his most popular so he knows we want to watch him hit GM

  14. I believe in you, Levy. You can do it. Definitely.

  15. Rooting for you all the way, Levy!! Go get that title! Either way, you're an inspiration to us all!!!

  16. Good luck Levy. Don’t listen to the haters, listen to Taylor swift instead.


  18. Honestly so excited for you, I feel like there's a very real difference in how you're thinking about the games already and it shows. You're absolutely on the way there! Now you gotta go out there and prove that us older people can still kick butt in chess (haha I'm only 27 but in chess years that's a lot).

  19. Wait till y'all fuckers find out about the INDOMITABLE HUMAN SPIRIT

  20. I wish you the best, but I'm not sure I see in you the stoic, ice-water-in-the-veins, determination that I think it would require. You have a sharp wit – you have a great sense of humor – you're a great storyteller – you're an extremely talented chess player and teacher. I think you should stick to that. I certainly don't need you to be a GM to continue to enjoy your content. You're just too nice of a guy. It's your strength and weakness. Nakamura provides content as a GM but he also has, in my opinion, an off-putting arrogance about him. You don't have that. I think that may be required to be a GM. Nonetheless, I'll be pulling for you all the way. Then, again, what the hell do I know? What I'm really saying is, "I couldn't handle it if you fail."

  21. I have small brain I need chess to be happening in the background.

  22. I hope your health /anxiety stuff will stay in check. Good luck we’re cheering for ya!

  23. Bro, I was looking for the mic button, cause I was so pumped after the intro I wanted you to feel it. We know how insanely hard GM is and we don't expect you to hit it anytime soon but I think slowly seeing you improve will be an amazing journey to follow ❤

  24. Love the transparency..highs and lows.
    You're awesome bud!!!

  25. Noice! May the odds ever be in your favor goodsir.

  26. Let's go! 4.89 million people have been waiting for this for years. What's exciting about this to me is that you're trying, whether or not it ends up happening isn't such a big deal.

  27. Great news Levy, wish you the very best of luck.

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