Rating Comparison: Lichess, Chess.com, USCF and FIDE

Matt discusses the ChessGoals Rating Comparison, updated for December 2021. The comparison looks at lichess, chess.com, USCF, and FIDE.

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0:00 Introduction
0:28 Overall Description
0:50 Chess.com Rating vs. FIDE and USCF
4:24 Lichess Rating vs. Chess.com
8:15 Lichess Rating vs. FIDE and USCF
11:09 Summary

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  1. If there is no value of online rating it is better to abolish the system of rated in online chess online chess is for fun it will stop the controversy of rated here and there

  2. i am 37, playing chess without licance or fide, over 23 years not seriously, but last two years, i took my chess serious, i playes 2 fide tournements and my starting elo is 1738, my chess com rapid is around 2140 around, lichess rapid is around 2260 around right now, so i will play more fide in future, but i wonder am i underrated??

  3. Hikaru says that your online rapid rating averages 400 points higher than FIDE rating and when I look up to chess players and compare the two it’s usually at least 300 points higher, anybody has thoughts on that? Loads of contradictions

  4. Hikaru says that your online rapid rating averages 400 points higher than FIDE rating and when I look up to chess players and compare the two it’s usually at least 300 points higher, anybody has thoughts on that? Loads of contradictions

  5. I've seen FIDE master (in classical) with an online blitz of 14-1500; and online rapid 1700. And I've seen reverse. But I think there is under-reporting by players who have a higher OTB than online rating.

  6. My bullet is much higher than everything else weirdly

  7. I usually play lichess Bullet either 3mins and 5mins and I have a rating of 1800-1900 average well sometimes it reaches 1700 but gets back up right away so now I know I would probably have an estimate of 1400 Fide rating, how cool😅 was not confident enough on my lichess rating as its over the board but in my place, 1400 fide is already high😅

  8. Not feeling so hot about my 2021 Lichess gains after this video….

  9. Why are my comments being deleted? This was a great idea for a video, and the information here is priceless. We appreciate you!!!

  10. I played my first classical OTB at when I was 1600 lichess (classical). You guys were pretty spot on with our comparison as I got 1074, something I expected after reading your article. I will be playing a rapid tournament in some time (Im 2110 lichess) and hopefully Ill get something around the value you guys put up. Also, Id like to help you out by submitting my rating, where can I do so?

  11. I retired and just took up the game. I watched some videos of some games on Gotham Chess and then joined Lichess so I could play the computer as a beginner for free. I won my first two games (the computer threw the games with obvious blunders) against 'fairy-stockfish 14 level 1'. Now my name has a rating of (1500?) beside it. The question mark is theirs, not mine. I'm sure that I am not even close to 1500. How do I fix that?

  12. I don't get it. From what I've seen the way it works is where you play the most games you have the highest rating. So if you play blitz and bullet, you're probably going to have more bullet games and therefore higher bullet rating. Rapid is always your lowest rating.

  13. This was a much needed video . Thank you so much for this .

  14. The biggest reason there’s a big rating difference between OTB and online is pretty obvious. Literally online chess is 2D, even the highest rated player online will have a hard time being 1500+ OTB if they never touched a board at least a hundred times in their life

  15. Great info, thanks mate. Do correspondence ratings matter at all? I'm at 2079 on Lichess. Not looking so good after all. I can't seem to play fast without blundering so I avoid the clock, but I'm trying to get faster.

  16. Looking up your chess rating equivalence is like measuring your dick for "intellectuals". We think we are so good but remember we're just apes with some tape measure!

  17. Completely forgets youth vs seniors. Younger players will nearly always be faster so their bullet, blitz and rapid will reflect that. The best way to compare is classical only as it provides a more even playing field. IMO

  18. I’m 26 blitz and 28 bullet on lichess, and I’m 2058 USCF. Really weird, idk if I’m way underrated (lots of 29-3000s estimate me at 2350 fide) or if I’m some sort of anomaly. This video just confused me more

  19. Very difficult comparison. Some, like me, have only played bullet for years and barely touch any other time controls. I am 2400+ bullet on lichess but maybe 1900-2000 USCF(havent played in a long time).

  20. my blitz in chess 1600, but in FIDE i have 1068 rating

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