QUICK&EASY Crochet classical chess robe plate buckle national tide decorative step by step tutorial

🧶Crochet along with me to make you very own Classical Chess Robe Buckle ! Step by step instructions with the added benefit of zero sewing of pieces required; it is a great project for if you detest sewing a million pieces together! This Classical Chess Robe Buckle is crocheted in ONE PIECE so he super sturdy and stands up to rough play .
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🕘 TIMESTAMPS – jump to the section you need immediately!
0:00 Intro
0:25 Start Crocheting
3:50 Complete The Beginning
5:10 Critical Sections 1
7:02 Critical Sections 2
8:40 Final Assembly

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(1) Commonly used crochet symbols
SC (single crochet): short stitch
CH (chain stitch): lock stitch braid stitch
DC (double crochet): long needle
HDC (half double crochet): medium and long needle
TR (triple crochet): long long needle
SS, SL, ST (slip stitch): lead and pull
PC (popcorn): Popcorn Needle
BP-(Back post): inner hook (bpsc inner hook short needle, bpdc inner hook long needle)
FP-(Front post): outer hook (fpsc outer hook short needle, fpdc outer hook long needle)
DTR (Double treble crocher): three rolls of long needle (wound 3 times)
TR TR (Triple treple): Four rolls of long needles (wrap 4 times)
3 SC in last chain: 1 middle crochet 3 short stitches
through back loops only: short edge stitch, the one on the outside of the hook
BLO (Through back loops only): only hook the back half of the stitch
FLO (Through front loops only): Only the front half of the stitch is crocheted
📌Commonly used crochet symbols


  1. I can't wait to start using this on my projects. Great job!

  2. Βασιλικη Δημοπουλου says:

    good work thank you

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