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  1. "The wall is just a wall without carpet" sounds like a Buddhist koan.

  2. 50:00 "Let me think ahead in this position, then I'lll think ahead in my life." – IM Eric Rosen, words to live by

  3. Would taking c7 with the knight have been better at 21:35 because of the discovered attack on his queen?
    Edit: nvm, I saw that someone in chat suggested it.

  4. 21:02 why cant white go knight takes c7 , threatening the a8 rook and going for a discovery on the queen? he would have to choose between a queen and a rook

  5. Hello, Master Eric! I'm from Brazil, and enjoying very much your videos!

  6. Not to be rude Eric but it is english. Also your streams are awesome! Also I am 9 and 1800 on lichess(classical).

  7. Can't use the term knight anymore it promotes chivilary and promotes masculine values.

  8. how to join tournament ? im playing at my iphone

  9. 7:03 Queen E6 protects both knights making your structure stronger for black.

  10. When do you normally stream I would like to catch one of them

  11. 9:10 can someone explain to me why he premoves his queen to h3? what if the enemy plays qg2?

  12. 48:20 Ne4 looked like an ez win to me
    If takes you take back with the pawn with tempo, then take the white bishop
    And if he protects the knight with the bishop it ends up with even material, but less tension and you also get the option to propose a queen trade (knight takes knight, trade white bishop with check, take back with queen or knight and white finally re captures the knight)

  13. To everyone in the comments saying that Eric missed Bxc3 at 50:00, you're very wrong. It becomes a massively losing position for black if you take. The computer's evaluation swing from 0.9 in blacks favour to 3.3 in whites. Unless you have taken the position to an analysis board, or are a GM, it's highly unlikely that you have seen something that Eric hasn't.

    An example line:
    1. … Bxc3. 2. Nxc6 Bxa1 3. Nxb8+ Kd8 4. Nc6+ Kc7 5. Bd2 Ne4 6. Rc1 Bb2 and after 7. Rc2, black is in a bit of a pickle. There isn't a good move that saves your bishop and stops white from pushing black's king into a mating net.

  14. Eric it would be very helpful for beginners like me if you take one system let's say the Sicilian defense and play a complete game from beginning to end against the computer I think Level 10 Until we learn this by heart. Then go to another type of game etc

    thanks for sharing your GM talent with us

  15. Eric looks a bit tired and sad today 🙁

  16. 19:36 here you could just take Nxb6 and trade a N for a R or N and R for Q and Pawn

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