Praggnanandhaa makes 32 accurate moves against Magnus Carlsen | Tata Steel Masters 2023

Praggnanandhaa played 32 accurate moves from move 25 to 67 to hold the draw against the World Champion. This was the first time Pragg split the point against the World Champion in Classical chess. Check out the game and pause the video at critical moments to find the best move and see if you can played like these two did in the 12th round of the Tata Steel Masters 2023.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Bhai kya khelta ho

  2. I watched this match till 11:30pm yesterday night… Came to know draw in the morning.. Nice Game✌️

  3. World champion and future world champion right here, they are simply glorious!

  4. Görüntüyü verin siz hayırdır ya
    Bizim yorum gücü yokmuş gibi kendiniz acikliyosunuz hiç yakismiyo

  5. It's Wesley vs pragg and nodirbek vs van foreest in the final round

  6. We come here for champions.
    And here are these face et this voice again… Eurk.

  7. Can anyone tell when the queen moves e7 then f6 then king to h7 then queen to h8 then queen takes e5 but now cannot the queen just checkmate? Likes there is no no need to take the queen if you can checkmate

  8. Great to see such complex endgame and wonderful analysis of variations.🔥
    PRAGG is the Magnus expert from India now…😅

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