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  1. Run is all i have to say runnnnnnnn 🏃 before he sits down dont get humiliated

  2. In my first ever tournament game, I played someone with a 1600 rating, reached completly surprisingly a drawn endgame and then hung my queen in one move.

  3. me 'ready to play'
    also me : * sees hikaru *
    me : runs for my life with my king

  4. Well at least I can say I played against Hikaru😂

  5. when you accidently fight the final boss in the start of the game instead of fighting the weak one:

  6. He premoved the whole game while walking😭💀

  7. Player – e4
    Hiruku: ye it's a blunder
    Here I see a mate in 14 moves

  8. It is happen with me and I nevous and play illigal move😢😢

  9. This video doesnt mean that hikaru's actually gonna *uck you,it means you are so nervous that you see your opponent in this way.

  10. Generaly first you get paired against higher rated at your first one

  11. I would leave dont even resign just leave dont say nothing

  12. Don't be over confident
    Same with me in district level

  13. Say please let me win so i will be a master

  14. Bhai Etna Naya player hikaru ko janta bhi nahi hota

  15. Who relice that there are 2 kings out of a board and in the board

  16. I would try to scholars mate and resign

  17. When he realises: 💀💀💀 resigns right as hikaru moves….

  18. Bro' chess career ended before it started 😅

  19. When I didn't know about chess titles. I thought GM was Hikaru's first name.

  20. Rare footage of Hikaru not wearing a pineapple shirt or suit

  21. Magnus : *premoves handshake*
    Me : *premoves resign*

  22. My first tournament was all loses I was against much more experienced ppl and my last game I lost to a person who was the same age as me I was 12 at that time that whole day I lost all moral to play chess

  23. I’d resign as soon as he walked in. Bye Felicia Dips

  24. When the hardest boss came in 1st level 😂😂

  25. Bro Hikaru just walks in thinking it's his own house 💀

  26. A 0.0000000000000000000001210 of facing the final boss in the beginning

  27. Litterally my first opponent at the most recent tournament I've been:

  28. No matter he/she is Hikaru, Ju Wenjun or Magnus Carlsen, I will do my best and fight till the end. I think everybody here will also do like that.

  29. Him : ok let's go for my second tournament
    Magnus Carlsen : are you sure ;

  30. I think the Matrix is glitched cause in the starting of the game The Final Boss appeared

  31. You know you're fucked when a Japanese guy wearing a sweater starts walking towards yoi

  32. Hikaru pre moves the whole life of that guy

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