playing chess with your best friends ghost by candlelight ( a dark academia playlist )

a dark academia playlist with rain and wind! i love this title so much and thank you to the lovely person who suggested it! i hope you all enjoy this classical playlist! stay safe and healthy! ( im also obsessed with this thumbnail omg )

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  1. I hear a numbers station half way through the recording At 28:28 in german

  2. I wish I had friends to play chess with OTB 😢

  3. You know, I'm something of an author myself.

  4. This is perfect! I enjoy writing stories and for a very long time I couldn't find playlist that will suit the vibe of what I wanted to write, but I have to thank you for creating this playlist! This is the type of music I need to listen to in order to focus on the ideas my messy and unstoppable brain decides to come with.

  5. there's a championship I'm competing in in a month. I'm trying to get better at chess but I keep on getting distracted. I'm finally finding playlists like these <3 wish me luck! 29 days

  6. Ghost Of Chess Night

    I feel the cold presence across my room

    “Checkmate” I hear

    I can feel impending doom

    I felt like I knew him, in a past life

    The ghost of, chess night.

  7. I enjoy the music very much but I'd rather know the name of each one.

  8. As they finished studying together
    "Wanna play chess?" He asked as he was organising the philosophy books
    "But you know that I'll beat you at it" she said with a chuckle as she was pouring two cups of coffee for the both of them
    "Maybe, but I've been practicing!" He said with a little pout making himself clear
    "Alright your highness, let's play" she said jokingly, they used to call eachother your highness when one of them insist on something. She handed him the cup of coffee
    He sipped the coffee "how do you make the coffee taste so good? Not so bitter nor so sweet" he asked
    "I guess that's a secret, let's play!" She took out the playing board
    "Well, I'm kinda changing my mind.. " he hesitated, holding a bit tight on the cup
    "Why is that?" She asked and she was confused cause he's the one who insisted on playing chess
    He turned his head away "you.. Picked the wrong chess board" he said he was almost whispering with fear
    "Did I?" She said with a frightened voice as she looked at the chess board, it was covered with blood. That board was for their gone grandfather who was murdered, they still keep it just because he insisted on never throwing it away for the reason that nobody knows it.

  9. does anyone know the tracklist for this playlist?

  10. Awww this is the perfect playlist for Spencer Reid!

    Dark comedy is how I cope.

  11. I feel like Korchnoi when he played the late Maroczy through a medium in his preparation for the match against Karpov.

  12. A song
    Bittersweet and Bitter Still.
    Bittersweet and Bitter Still.
    Wouldn't you like to have the girl, the girl who has Everything!
    The girl whose Beauty is words beyond Belief!
    And the girl who will Always Be with you and Never Betray you!

  13. It was raining.

    At least that is what he remembered.

    The windows were far above him like fragmented stars as the water fell past them. His knee was bloody and hands scraped as he lay backward in the grimy street puddle. He looked to the left and there lay Jack.

    Jack, once so full of life, now matched the wet and dirty alleyway against which he leaned. How would he explain what happened to Julia when he himself was unsure.

    "Sam!" he snapped back to the present. The darkroom with only the candles for light and warmth came back into focus.

    What would he tell her?

  14. "I'm surprised that you still know how to play this game, Ru." The girl says, brows furrowing as she exerted her will against the pawn, thrusting it into the fore.

    Ru lowered his eyes, pursing his lips as he murmured. "It was the only thing left that I had of you."

    The girl pauses, then sighs. "It's been seven years, Ru. Everyone has forgotten me. Even my parents have moved on now."

    "But.." He trails off, grasping the castle piece and placing it on his left. He lifted his head and smiled weakly. "You're my only friend, Minerva. You were the only one who's always been there for me. I can't."

    Minerva clenches her translucent jaw. She takes a deep breath, uttering with great haste. "Stubborn as always, aren't you?" She slams her right palm against the oak desk. She glares at him. "Fine! I'll leave you to mourn and grieve me for however long you like! But that's only if you win this match against against me!"

    Ru blinked, eyes wide. Hehadn't seen her emotional before. At least, not after her death. He smiled, old memories phasing through his mind as he stared at her, resolute. He said. "Alright. I won't lose."

  15. When you want to write a POV, but you don't know how chess works

  16. there's so many writers in comments like ,can i stay here forever please??

  17. "This is a foolish game, even in my death, I can win",
    my stomach twisted in a tight turn.

    That voice… I…I haven't heard in 3 weeks, since he died. I must be imagining things.
    'I'm very much real, if not alive, dear Dean", his deep voice a faint whisper, just enough to reach my ears and sent a shiver done my spine.
    But I found myself smiling. After all, how can't I? I've always believed in a life after death and to be able to live in this world once again with no pain, bearings, limits, what an afterlife it is.
    "Gabriel, of course I cannot beat you, you were literally the champion of the continent"
    ''But I'm dead, maybe you can take the mantel after me, I'll help you, naturally"
    My smile turned bittersweet, he always wanted to teach me, but my interest was into arts more than sports. But for him, I will do my best
    "Sure thing, dear friend"

  18. "I'm going to beat you," The ghost said.
    "….." My heart raced, the cold air surrounded me.
    My best friend isn't dead.
    And I don't play chess.
    And I am scared of ghosts.
    And it's dark.
    And the music is frightening.

  19. 'U will not beat me this time!' I told him while making my move on the board.
    'U think?' he responded with a grin on his face, making his move.
    From the little knowledge i had about chess, i could see i had little chance of beating him, but still wanted to prove him wrong. It was my turn again and was planning on moving my queen but…it had disappeared from the board. I looked up at him. He was smiling at me.
    'Where did my queen go?' I asked him, suspecting he took it from the board.
    'Right in front of me.' He answered softly.

    Its my first time writing a POV so i hope its good😅

  20. "It's been too long, dear friend…"
    I reminisced to the air as I sat up at my coffee table, one hand propping my head up and the other fidgetting with the rook from my chess set. A glance at the clock over the cold fireplace told me that I had stayed up too late yet again, wondering in vain about what became of my friend all those months ago.
    "Still avoiding sleep like the plague? I could have guessed as much."
    My head snapped up at the voice. I recognised it instantly, and for a moment I believed I had truly gone mad. "Is that really-? What.. What happened to you?!" I demanded, hardly able to believe his incorporal form was sat across from me.
    He shrugged with a small chuckle. "You can't win 'em all. Speaking of which," He started, taking the knight in his translucent hand, "Are you up for a match? It really has been too long."

  21. ghost:
    the dusty hall:
    me: … check mate
    ghost: STFU-

  22. A figure sat at a table by one of the large windows of the old library, a chess board before them. They smile as they look up at the translucent figure sitting across from them, who looked rather focused on the task at hand.

    “You, my friend, have been practicing,” The translucent figure said as they moved one of their pieces finally.

    “Well of course I have,” The figure said with a light-hearted chuckle, “I told you I would beat you one day and I can’t do that if I don’t practice,”

    The translucent figure chuckled in return, “I suppose that’s true, But I don't think today will be that day," They said as they moved a piece across the board. "Check,"

    The figure looked confused as they studied the board, quickly realizing they had left their king open.
    "Oh come on," They grumbled as they moved their king one square, saving it for now. They looked out the window as the rain continued with its steady pour.

    "Do you think you will be at rest someday?"
    The ghost stayed silent for a while, pondering the question brought to attention.
    "I think, someday, I will be at rest yes…but I do not know when that day will be, it has been centuries since I have passed. Why, do you no longer enjoy my company?"

    "No, that's not it at all," The figure said, quickly shutting down the thought, "I love your company, but it would be rather selfish of me to wish for you to stay here forever when you could be at rest,"

    "I see," The ghost said with a nod, "You want me to be at rest but you wouldn't mind if I wasn't?"
    "It sounds so horrible when you put it like that," The figure said, looking back at the board once their friend had made their move. The figure's eyes lit up as they moved their Queen.

    "Checkmate," They said with a smile, shocking their deceased friend who looked at the board in shock.
    "Well done my friend, Well done indeed," They chuckle and lean back in their chair, sighing as they looked out at the rain.

    "How about another ga-" The figure looked up from resetting the pieces and no longer saw their friend. Their heart ached as they knew they would no longer see their friend again, but they were happy that he was finally at rest.

    "Goodbye, dear friend. May we meet again in the afterlife," The figure said as they stood up, putting their bag over their shoulder, and started to leave the library, turning back one last time, a tear rolled down their cheek as they continued to the grand doors of the old library, taking their umbrella before opening it as they left the building. They walked away with a heavy heart, and with the knowledge that their friend was finally at peace, and that they were once again, alone in the world.

  23. I'm currently reading The Goldfinch and this is the perfect playlist for the plot ! 💖

  24. POV you're sat in an old stone library lit only by candles because you were cast out for being strange as you wander the old dusty halls you find an book nook it's just a small room seemingly untouched by time and age as you gander about the small room you note that nothing has any dust on it in the centre of the room sits a chess board the peaces looking to be carved by hand such intricate details on such small peaces as you admire the bored you here a voice " would you like to have a game with me since you seem to like them so much" you tearn around swiftly to see the smiling face of a ghost you are calm despite the fact that a ghost is standing in front of you " I would love to " you happily reply later you find out the ghosts name is Percy and he lets you stay in his library and every afternoon when you come back from the market you play chess together and are now the bestest of friends

  25. POV: you're a writer and you listen to these for the dark academian theme fics you're doing

    But honestly though these are so powerful and make my writing so much better cause I really get deep into it😭❤

  26. Lonely footsteps resounded across the empty ballroom but Alexander knew he was not quite alone. He walked out onto the balcony where a single table stood, two chairs on either side, and a chessboard placed on top of the wooden surface. The pieces were black and silver, and with the arrangement of the pieces, it seemed that the game was not completed.

    Alexander sat down on the black chair and took out a flask of wine.

    "Are you planning to get drunk, my friend?" a voice said. Alexander's head snapped up to meet a pair of kind eyes, amused and gentle. There he was, seated on the silver chair, looking elegant as ever in a suit. Though he looked a bit too pale. . . .

    "Maybe I am," he replied, opening the flask and taking a small sip of the red liquor held inside it. It tasted tangy and flaming in his mouth. "Don't even try to stop me Christopher. I plan to drink myself to oblivion tonight and I wish no interruption upon my quest."

    "Do not worry, I will do no such thing," Christopher said. "I will let you drink in peace. Besides. . . " Christopher trailed off into a whisper. "I cannot stop you even if I tried. . . ."

    Alexander clenched his fists and took another gulp. "Care to continue?" He gestured at the unfinished game.

    In reply, Christopher lifted his Queen and cut off Alexander's Rook. "How are you, my friend?"

    "How am I?” Alexander barked out a laugh. He moved his Knight and cut off the Queen. “I didn't think you would care. What, after leaving me alone here with nothing but your dead body, now you ask how I am? You– You absolute jerk, I just. . . hate you."

    A Silver King, a Black King, a Black Knight and a Silver Bishop remained.

    "But you're still here, are you not?" Christopher's voice was soft without a single ounce of guilt, which infuriated Alexander. But he swallowed down his rage by taking another swig out of his flask.

    Christopher moved his Bishop near to the Black King.

    "Yes! I'm still here, you selfish bastard!" he yelled at the other man. "I. . . I'm such a fool. You know damn well that no matter what you do to me, I will always be by your side. You know I would always love you because you're all I have. . . ."

    Alexander moved his King away.

    “It doesn’t have to be that way,” Christopher said, moving his Bishop and cutting off the Knight. “If you could just open your heart once more—”

    “Why should I?” Alexander interrupted. A single tear slipped down his cheek. “So they could leave me again, like you did?”

    Christopher sighed. “Everyone leaves Alexander. . . .”

    The Silver Bishop was cut off by the Black King.

    “Christopher,” Alexander said, “do you remember the oath we swore as children? ‘Never leave the other and if one does, then the other follows’?”

    “Checkmate,” Christopher said, unwilling to answer. “Are you even trying to play Alex? It seems you’re purposely losing.”

    Alexander tilted the flask up and emptied all its contents, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. “Maybe I am. You’ve left me Christopher, and I will honor our oath, the very one you did not keep. You’ve left me and now I shall follow. . . .” Alexander smiled at his friend, a shine of joy finally entering his eyes. That light slowly faded out of his eyes as his body shook and fell to the floor, going limp abruptly.

    Christopher stared at his friend, that amused smile still resting on his face as he slowly faded away. He held no worry or fear within him. He knew that wherever he went, Alexander would follow.

  27. "You're here."

    "I could smell defeat from the other side," they smirked as you arranged the chess pieces for a new game.

    "Let's see if we can still trust your senses," you sat back with a smile and said, "Alright, let's begin. Just like the old times."

    You moved the pawn to e4.

    Your friend moved to e5.

    Then you moved your king to e2.

    "I should've seen that coming," your friend chuckled before moving their king to e7.

    It ended in a draw, just like the old times.

  28. It's midnight when you are playing carom with your best friend.You are trying to stay as quite as possible since everyone else in the house is asleep.The last four turns are going to decide the winner. Both of you lie on a tie at the moment. You say whoever loses has to spend the rest of the night alone in the nearby library. The last turn.You lost. You enter the library and find out that the librarian is asleep on his chair turned to the wall with his back facing you. You ring the bell to wake him up and lit the candle on his desk. "What do you want?",he asks. The voice sounds so similar and strange. You ask him about the new collection of books. "All those on the left shelf,By the way, hope you enjoyed the game?Afterall I was destined to win,I've been a skilled carom player since the last 120 years.." . You stay there silent,you feel numb,unable to move.

  29. Them: Showing their skills at writing an amazing stories
    Me: just here while playing an A.I on a Chess game👁️👄👁️

  30. How am I supposed to study with such good stories in the comments?! 😭

  31. Darkness surrounded each dimly lit candle as the sound of the chess piece echoed…the walls of the castle amplifying each sound as you, my friend, smile. You've made your move. As I go to make my move, I am startled awake to see the chess pieces in the exact same way in my dream. The dimly lit fire was crackling as if witness to it all. Was it a dream? I must be losing it. I look in the mirror and again you appear. The word…."check"…coming from your mouth…

  32. ‘Do you ever miss me?’ Laura said quietly like she was scared someone would hear her.
    ‘Why would i’ Mare replied ‘I see when we have our matches’
    ‘I now but do you ever miss the real me?’
    Mare stopped what she was doing and placed her chess piece down. She didn’t know really if she missed the real Laura, the Laura that always snuck out after curfew, the Laura that would always have something to say.
    ‘I don’t know’ Mare said ‘The real you is just like a memory now’
    ‘Really’ Laura replied ‘Just a memory but i’m right here’
    ‘No not that just the real you was someone i could hug and do things with, you know is just a person i play chess with’
    ‘Okay then’
    Laura sunk into her chair even deeper and they continued playing.

  33. Mare sat over the chess board and slowly moved the pieces.
    ‘Who are you playing with’ A voice asked
    Mare turned her head and saw a boy standing at the entrance of the library in his day clothes, his scruffy brown hair flopped over his face and Mare couldn’t see his eyes.
    ‘You should go back to bed’ Mare said
    ‘Well i don’t want to’ the boy replied ‘Let’s make a deal i play with you and if i lose i go to bed’
    ‘What if i lose’ Mare asked
    She knew it was a dumb question she never lost.
    ‘I don’t know you come up with it after i beat you’
    Mare laughed and set the chess board up.

    After what felt like hours of playing she had him, Mare moved her queen across the board and knocked the king over.
    ‘Checkmate’ she smiled
    ‘I got to say your not half bad’ the boy laughed
    ‘So what now?’ Mare asked
    She didn’t want him to leave.
    ‘I guess i have to go’ the boy said
    Before Mare could protest the boy vanished, his seat was empty and the chess board was set up again.
    ‘Hello’ Mare called
    But the boy was gone and she didn’t even ask for his name

  34. I tried to keep from crying as I saw him again. He had alway been there for me ever since we were young. All our lives he'd had my back when I'd needed it the most. Even as we stood in the trenches underfire for the cause of freedome. He had been there when I needed backup. He had risked the seven day journey through a mine feild with a relief team when my squadron had been stuck behind ennemy lines. He had been more than a friend to me. He had been a brother. Losing him had been the worst experience of my life.
    "Oh, stop that," He said, his ghostly eyes alight with the fire of youth that perpetually burned in his eyes, an echo from his younger years. "Forgive me," I pleaded, "I just can't deal with…"
    "Hush," He said. "Don't think on it, my brother. I am here in the spirit. I still have your back."
    I smiled as my friend took my rook and advanced to my king. I placed a pawn infront of his queen, setting a trap.
    "German strategy one," My friend laughed. "You remembered that?"
    "How could I forget?" I asked.

  35. I chuckle as I move my pawn forward to check his king.
    "Checkmate," I say looking up to meet his gaze. He is dumbfounded for a long time then looks up at me. "How? I had you cornered," he laughs slightly amazed. "You've gotten a lot better since our last match,"he says.
    Violen streams from downstairs somewhere and fills the room with a sort of echoing presence. "Been doing it a long time," I say sadly.
    His eyes soften and crinkle around the edges as he smiles. "You've been practicing so you could beat me," he says wryly. I take in every future of his face, every new wrinkle and every gray hair he has accumulated since our last meeting.
    "Sweetheart, I'm dead."
    "No your not honey you just won," he says smiling unfazededly. He takes my hand and draws me out into the center of the room on to the broken floorboards. The echoing music falling around us and dropping us with her silver glory. The room fills and the music swells as he spins me. My dress flowing behind me blending with the silvery waves of music. His hands soft in my own his body cold and far off. We sway as one to the sound of his heart and the music until our eyes meet at the hight of the silvery sounds. His eyes find mine and he smiles.
    "I love you very day sweetheart," he says as his eyes full with tears.
    " My love I rasp, let me go."
    Then he closes his eyes as he dips me low, my hair swirling against the wooden floor.
    "Good bye my love," I say and his heart beats slower at the absence of my own. And I ache for I am gone to leave my darling alone.

  36. "You no longer exist… do you."

    They sat at the table, a lone game of chess with pieces scattered across its board. They'd been playing for some time, except with a slight problem.

    She couldn't see a thing.

    She heard the tap of another piece moving. It was her turn again. She dragged a hand across the pieces… his fortress of lies had pinned her queen, and her king was left in the open, targeted by almost…. every other piece.

    It was checkmate.

    "Vee… I never existed in the first place."

  37. Why are there voices in the background?

  38. Listening to these melodies is a balm that relaxes and transports me to the past.

  39. Can there be a normal dark academia chess playing playlist? Every one I find on Youtube is with ghosts! 😂

  40. I miss your videos, hopefully you can upload some new content soon! Hope you are well

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