Playing a perfect game in classical chess

Played in the Classical Arena!

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  1. Opponent really took 5 minutes to take on e5…

  2. Great game! I love those Nxg7 tactics, it's not only stockfish approved but also looks really cool:P

  3. sir please make videos on analysis of positional games.
    where you explain positional points in depth.
    that will be great

  4. i watched your video on Saint Louis YouTube on London system
    1st i didn't recognise you 🙄🙄
    that's a really great video

  5. Stream Elements is another good bot to consider!

  6. outstanding perfection game thanks lato sir for expalaning thought processs to us in this vidoes

  7. wht the fuck rf8 all albout it is computer move

  8. What's with the overly-annunciated S and T'd? EricRosen, y u do dis? Y.jpg

  9. Computer wants Nxg7 and recommends 18…Nf8 in response. Kxg7 is a mistake and computer says +10 for white. HOWEVER 19. Qg4+ is a massive blunder and the computer says 0.00. I don't understand this at all, surely white is still better?

  10. I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a couple of months now and you’re the only streamer I watch. Great work you’ve been doing, thank you!

    My timezone over in India is completely opposite to yours though and that’s the main reason why I’m not able to join your streams. I will one day though, just have to luck out with the timing 🙂

  11. A few minutes later… Yep queen h5 just leads to mate, I love when people are watching you while they are playing you…

  12. alfil clavado means pinned bishop in spanish

  13. I like how you pointed out that Gotham chess is a weird name and he still kept it.

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