Oppenheimer vs Einstein: CHESS MATCH

Credit to Sportskeeda for the image:

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  1. Einstein: Can you see the move ?

    Ope: yes I can

  2. Not only would Einstein's genius probably granted him an aptitude for chess, but he was also friends with the longest reigning world champion Emanuel Lasker, (which isn't totally out of the blue since Lasker himself was mathematician) so I'm sure he must've learnt some things about chess from him, in spite of his dislike towards people who dedicate themselves to only chess 😂

  3. Legend gas it after this chess game Oppenheimer got the idea of the..bombs (it wasn't shown in the movie)

  4. Now this is what real Atomic Chess look like

  5. "I m a Gotham Chess subscriber"

  6. Oppenheimer’s favorite gambit is definitely the ICBM gambit

  7. The "Idiotic Attack" voice was hilarious! I will decide to believe this game happened, better than not. I am starting to understand chess much better since subscribing to your channel.

  8. Einstein was a gotham chess subscriber
    -Gotham Chess

  9. Oh wow I hope they qualify to the candidates next time!

  10. I wonder what would be ratings of these two players with such gameplays

  11. Any one can play amateur against enişteyn

  12. More chess positions than atoms in the universe is a load of BS. We cant even leave out universe so how would they know.

  13. einstein was smarter than oppenheimer, oppenheimer was a good peopel person but I don't think he was as clever was most of the peopel he worked with

  14. Everything that is good and green in this world will be gone. There won’t be a chessboard, Sam.

  15. Now I'm become 800 Elo, blunderer of pieces.

  16. everyone gangsta untill Oppenheimr blows up the chess board

  17. "Me attack queen, oh u defended it" 💀that caught me so out of guard

  18. "Me attack queen!" How tf did he make his voice so that

  19. "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear__not absence of fear." __Mark Twain

  20. "in this crappy hotel room"

    remembers it is sponsored

    "god I love this hotel room"

  21. The most instructive lesson here is that two of the greatest minds in human history were very average chess players. John von Neumann was another average chess player and poker player but developed one of the greatest theories in mathematics game theory based on poker. He disdained Chess and didn't even consider it a game. In a true sense Chess is not a game as there is no chance involved. It has perfect information and because of that it is not a game. Genius doesn't apply across different fields except in unique cases like Da Vinci. Even a great Chess player can be a terrible poker player and vice versa. They are not transferable skills or talents. Each 'game' depends on having an extreme skill level produced by a tiny part of the brain which is different between two geniuses in two different fields. An average IM could have played simultaneous games and won all against Newton, Einstein, Openheimer, Dirac, Faraday , Von Neuman and most other scientific geniuses put together. Their brains didn't have the Chess Genius gene.

  22. I think there is a story that Einstein played Lasker and Al asked Lasker him why he wasted time on a game. Probably not true either.

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