Not a Speed Run – 3x fun games

This is a heap of fun. I start by facing an extremely dubious opening, then play a very classical Ruy Lopez, and finally get into a Lucchini accepted… but can I turn the knife at the right moment?

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  1. 7:10 The killing blow! Qf7# I'm certain (on second thought) that you missed this on purpose to enrage us! haha

  2. Always fun to get the dumbiano defence. Almost a perfect punishment too.Missing h4 is not tragic though, your plan works perfectly. 14:26 the issue is Re8 pinning the queen to the king. What you should have done is castle before playing e5. 27:00 I think the correct approach was Bb6 threatens mate if he defends with Qf3 you have Nd5, threatening the queen. You are not going for checkmate you are going for a win, which might involve trading queens and then winning the exchange. It is inflexible thinking again it was rubbish not wonderful. This is inflexible thinking again. Those were fun games. Thanks Ben.

  3. 0:50 Yes! I'm happy you got attracted to this move immediately. The only question I think is, what if Qe7 instead of taking the knight straight away. I'l take a look at it later, but I believe this Damiano defense loses by force iirc

  4. Super fun games, and perhaps even more important, a super fun attitude! Great sportsman, and great example of how to keep it playful, but also attempt to play serious chess👍

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