Norway Chess 2022 Classical Day 5 | ft. Anand vs Carlsen | Live Commentary by Sagar + Kramnik

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Norway Chess is a 10-player round-robin featuring World Champion Magnus Carlsen and taking place in Finansparken in Stavanger, Norway from 31 May to 10 June. Each of the 10 rounds consists of a classical game where a win is worth 3 points and a loss 0. If the players draw they play an Armageddon game, where the winner earns 1.5 points and the loser 1 point. No draw offers are allowed before move 30.

1) Vishy Anand (8.5/13)
2) Magnus Carlsen (8.5/13)
3) Wesley So (7.5/13.5)
4) Mamedyarov (7/13.5)
5) MVL (5.5/13)
6) Anish Giri (4/13.5)
7) Topalov (3.5/13.5)
8) Radjabov (3/13)
9) Wang Hao (3/13.5)
10) Aryan Tari (3/13.5)

▶ Vishy Anand vs Magnus Carlsen
▶ Mamedyarov vs Wesley So
▶ MVL vs Topalov
▶ Aryan Tari vs Wang Hao
▶ Anish Giri vs Radjabov

Curtain raiser:
Classical Day 1:
Classical Day 2:
Classical Day 3:
Classical Day 4:
Classical Day 5: Coming Soon!

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  1. Anand OP 🔥
    Not easy beating Carlsen in any format. Vishy was angry for not finishing the match in Classical format shows what standard he has set for himself.
    Another blockbuster tomorrow Vishy Vs AG🔥🔥🔥

  2. vishy the greatest chess player of all time, ever will be 🐐 he was sad after winning the Armageddon😂 rightly so.

  3. What a day! Nadal won his 14th French Open and Vishy Anand defeated World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, at age 52. Legends showing that age is just a number.
    #VishyOP 🔥

  4. Enjoyed the stream throughout, thank you for bringing kramnik to commentate alongside and vishy win over magnus is commendable and legendary 🔥❤

  5. Today all my favourites are winning

    I am a nadal fan,today nadal won the french open (hope he plays the wimbeldon)

    A vishy fan and he defeated magnus

    A huge messi fan and he scored 5 goals today

    Ajj to mera pura din hi accha gaya.

  6. Carlsen defeated Vishy in Chennai and Anand defeated Carlsen in Norway. Anand dominated Carlsen in all 3 games in this tournament.

  7. Man's just ageless. Classical dominated, Armageddon scintillating ❤🔥
    3:59:00 Armageddon starts !

  8. In the post match interview Vishy sir looked very dejected because of the draw in classical. Just shows his passion and love for the game.

  9. He should claimed his world champion title again from magnus .
    Vishy the great

  10. I immensely respect Vishy and we all know he is one of the greatest chess players ever . However, the amount of jingoism in the comments is unwarranted. From making comments like Magnus should retire after losing the Armageddon , to Magnus should hand over his world championship title to Anand just reflects extremely badly upon us as a Nation. We got to at least respect the players, especially someone like Magnus who has been the No 1 rated player for 11 consecutive years, have won 5 undisputed world championship titles and has had the highest Elo rating any human has ever achieved!

  11. We dont need alireza to defeat magnus our tiger can do so in his 50s… 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Sagar bhai please wooden chess baord bhi karo na sale wamt to buy from long time

  13. Need a Chessbase India original between Vishy and Kramnik (even Fischer Random would do)

  14. why Anand have more time , in the start of the match 👀👀?

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