Nihal’s Bullet STUNS World Number-Two Ding! | SCC Quarterfinal Recap

Nihal Sarin defeated Anish Giri in the his first round match, but would face an even tougher opponent in the quarterfinals! Ding Liren is the world number-two in classical chess and a prestigious speed chess player. Who would advance to the final four of the 2022 Speed Chess Championship?

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  1. Just some feedback: The feedback style recap is not fundamentally flawed, but the narrator isn’t really adding anything of value at all.

  2. It seems like the great wall of China is a huge handicap in speed chess.


  4. seeing live is more breathtaking than recaps , got this to realize by scc thanks

  5. Dominant performance by Nihal . Was waiting for this recap . Great commentary and recap . Thanks .

  6. 2 of my favorite players I dont care the result thay are both amazing

  7. Nihal sarin seem so serene with 2 sec on clock

  8. Fair play to Nihal for throwing that game, he knew the victory wouldnt feel right in the end. Excellent sportsmanship and chess etiquette something everyone can learn from, well done Nihal 👏

  9. 3:53 I was a fan of Nihal before but now he's one of my favorites. That's pure class, especially against the #2. He's taking over the game while remaining humble and respectful.

  10. GG, I realli like this recapitulation of the game. Thanks for the edition!! Greetings from Mexico >:)

  11. I'm really greatfull to met Nihal at Tata steel

  12. Nihal is a prodigy not just in chess but evidently sportsmanship and good conduct. Seriously doubt Hans (the donald trump of chess) will do the same

  13. Nihal gave ding a point but when he mouse slipped ding would have at least offered a draw🥲

  14. im a fan of nihal among the indian prodigies next is pragg…
    im glad of his win …
    sad for ding though,, after the disconnection it was clear he was anxious and not himself…

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