Nihal Sarin scores 84% in his 12th grade exam!

After making his debut at the FIDE World Cup 2019, Nihal Sarin has been a regular at this knockout event. He is now playing his 3rd FIDE World Cup, this time at Baku. In the first round Nihal has a bye and in round two he plays the winner of Bilguun Sumiya and Axel Bachmann. In this interview we ask Nihal about his take on the World Cup. We also speak about his previous world cups. We also get to know that he has just given his exams and when asked about how he fared, the modest boy simply said I passed. Later on when we asked his mother, she confirmed that he scored 84%!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Well done Nihal. Keep up the good work and hope to see you doing well in future events

  2. All the best Nihal 🎉. Make us proud ❤

  3. I thought he was hibernating for last 3-4 months. Was surprised he didn't participate in Speed chess championship.

  4. That is genuinely impressive. To score 84% despite being a fully employed person, insane.

  5. Wahhh chess and 84%in 12 😮😮😊🎉🎉

  6. 84% in his 12th grade exam is more than my average chess accuracy. What a legend.

  7. Congrats kiddos
    Nihal and Sagar kiddosss 🎉🎉

  8. This makes me feel Chumtiya jo ki main hoon

  9. His speaking style is like Gautam Gambhir.

  10. Mera to book se chapne ke baad bhi average marking ke karan 60% hi aaya kyonki sab wohi chap rahe the. At that time,our bihar board was unofficially too much obsessed with russian examination pattern i.e. open book system 😀

  11. Congrats Nihal! All the very best for the World Cup!!

  12. Never ask a girl about her age, never ask a man his salary and never ask kids their marks 😢😢…Sagar dont behave like neighbour uncles.

  13. As it seems, he has premoved answer without reading the question .so,he has got only 84%.he should try for better accuracy premove for higher studies 😀

  14. Is it the no disclosure agreement or he's actually not invited to Tata Steel Chess India this time?

  15. Its kerala board 12th xam…its easy man….but maintaing both chess and studies is very tough! Congo nihal

  16. Thats very very good score considering hes professional chess player. Congratulations 🎉🎉

  17. This proves chess improves children’s educational achievement.

  18. Nihal is so humble and understated: "I passed", he didn't even mention 84%.

  19. Congratulations Nihal for scoring such a good grades along with playing international chess… Amazing feat, dude… Keep shining… God Bless You!!!!

  20. Congratulations nihal bhaiya 🎉

  21. Damn that's really good percentage, I scored 85% without doing anything productive in bigger scale and gave so much effort in studies still I got stucked there.
    Nihal managed his professional carrier and schools like a champion.

  22. Congrats to Nihal for doing so well on the 12th board exam despite being a chess GM. Like Samay once said, Nihal is a genius who just happens to play chess.

  23. Always a treat watching nihal play. Hope he crosses 2700 this world cup.

  24. I had scored 92% in 12th … At least in marks I got more than Nihal😇

  25. Get to top 10 players globally …. Good wishes to u

  26. This boy needs some luck he’s more than what he has achieved

  27. If its in Science then its Quite Impressive👍👍

  28. a die hard fan of Nihal, so glad to see his video… all the best Nihal, you are the next one for 2700

  29. That is great but why even ask him about this. Did anyone ask Magnus about his grades when he was a kid? Nihal is performing at a world class level in chess and he can comfortably make more money just playing, coaching and commenting even if just stays at the current level than as an engineer or doctor. I am afraid these are precious talents being wasted by our focus on rote academics.

  30. Such a humble soul. Very rational mindset and logical answers.

  31. Why does bro looks still 14 yo 😂😂

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