Niemann Shooting For 3000 At London Chess Classic

Hans Niemann Plays Round One Of The London Chess Classic against Jules Moussard. Hans Niemann is making all the headlines right now due to chess cheating accusations flying after his historic 2946 performance in Croatia after which Hans Niemann compared himself to Bobby Fischer.

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  1. Hans is not cheating OTB. He is under so much scrutiny. He has been working really hard. He is obsessed with Chess. I wish him well. He is exciting to watch. 🙂

  2. And suddenly the Magnus haters keep coming 😅

  3. You are right, he is not cheating here. He is smart, so he is mixing it up. Once cheating, twice not cheating. But 2 games on Croatia tournament were fishy. Waiting 40 minutes for simple queen move, after tournament organizer increased live delay time from 15 to 30 minutes. Nothing to see here, keep walking.

  4. Niemann reminds me of that Roman emperor from Netflix. I forgot the name.

  5. Can someone tell me how this youngster can concentrate after this attack once again. He should be celebrated after his fantastic performance the other dag. But instead the chess herd is all over him. i feel realy sad for this Hans Neiman story.

  6. We love 💗 Hans Niemann actually
    Keep covering his matchs

  7. I hope every salty accuser of Hans get accused of cheating themselves, OH, but first they would have be pretty competent chess players first….so that eliminates most of the accusers

  8. his fanboys only come up with excuses, he plays like that becuase he grew up playing with computers, he doesnt like the media, and nonsenses like that

    you want to prove you are legit and shut everyone’s mouth, which btw obviously it is very much into your personality:

    – sit down after the game and explain with details how you came out with these insane computer like brilliances, the logic behind it, sidelines, etc

    you do that, everyone will give you credit and the accusations will stop, period … but no, the only explanation is some unintelligible mumbling and “mY iNtUitiON …”

    ps: he cheats sometimes and plays legit other times. his real rating is above 2500 most likely so he is still a very strong player … but far from 2700

  9. I play guitar. The young guitar players are RIDICULOUS.

    We're witnessing a massive leap in skill because of access to high quality teaching tools with many things but definitely chess.

    With Kramnik etc it's a generational thing I feel. To someone from the pre computer times it's hard to get your head round it. They just can't think the same way. Things have just moved on beyond that

  10. I think this is the future. People able to memorize what would the computer do.

  11. Hans Niemann is a disgrace to chess, i think he is a cheater

  12. its 99% acuracy because its theory untill move 45 …

  13. There sure seem to be a lot of sensitive little flowers in the game of chess these days. Those poor egos.

  14. Been looking forward all day for this video, hoping you should cover Mr Nieman. Great game, will be exiting to see how this tournament evolve.

  15. I agree, I don't think he is cheating.
    Still, anti-cheating measures should be standardized and implemented at the elite level,
    Brilliant content per usual. Cheers.

  16. Just another grandmaster draw. Nothing interesting. You can find hundreds of games like that. You made this video only because of Niemann's name.

  17. I know i had a disagreement with you over Hikaru and his bowl of noodles, but nobody can deny your work ethic. When we're all waiting around for content about certain topics, you're cranking out videos before everybody. Keep that up. I found this channel by key phrase searching by recent upload. You always have stuff up the fastest.

  18. Are we going to gloss over the fact that white spent almost HALF-AN-HOUR on his move @ 2:46?? Whaaa???

  19. Hans going to be struggling to sit down after that one

  20. Even the opponent played with 99%. It’s simply a drawing line both knew

  21. I am not saying that Hans "Beads" Niemann is cheating anymore, but I just call him that because he acts like an ass and lies out of his ass about his old online cheating. Plus he is acting like an ass to try to milk content with a vengeance. The lack of remorse and anti-social behavior pre and post scandal is why I am not supporting Hans or hyped for him (because I would have).

  22. Click bait,this game is just boring computer prep resulting in a draw.a memory exrecise no genius there certainly no Bobby Fisher creativity

  23. 1:46 Why on earth didn't Hans win the central d4 pawn?? Bxd4 Qb4 c5 Qmoves seems to hold onto that pawn no problem.

  24. The Bobby Fischer comparison is nonsensical self promotion that will grate on a lot of other players , which is what he wants.

  25. GM Hans Niemann shaking off the cubwebs or a little bit rusty on a first game. Waiting round 2. Gukesh and Adams won on round 1.

  26. Again milking visualizations from hans games and insinuating right?

  27. Question: How can you tell for sure that Hans Nieman is not cheating?

    Answer: He loses.

  28. Hans would be the greatest chess player in coming years. The determination and the intensity is incredible. His accurate and human moves are a treat to watch! What I love about Hans is when he lost some matches, he never complained that opponents are cheating. His Chess speaks for itself 👌👍.
    Awesome Videos from EC. Just love it

  29. You're right Epic, Niemann does ask for trouble. His latest Youtube video is called 'Future World Chess Campion Plays Blitz'. It's funny in a way (and I think it's not out of the question on his current trajectory) but I can't imagine the other pros liking it too much.

  30. The couple of joke channels that literally made cheating work via sex toys have nothing to gain other than viral views.
    Hans has everything to gain and I'd bet my last anal bead hes figured out a very clever way of cheating.

    Youre a fool if you think over the board cheating is impossible at venues with ZERO anti cheat measures in place.

  31. This game is 99.1% chemically pure.

  32. If you want to beat carlsen than you need good beads in your ass 😂😂😂

  33. I don’t understand why people would even feel a certain way about Hans tweets etc I guess his fans and people that like his play like myself it’s kind of irrelevant and for the most part is unimportant maybe he’s arrogant 😅 if that helps his game good for him I just don’t think it’s a reason to hate on him but everyone’s different thanks James kind of game copy catting each other no breakthrough but a draw better than a loss have a great day thanks

  34. I'm not watching this "little Hans" is not Fischer and if you need the clicks that bad I'm not helping …..please read what age Fischer was when he dominated Chess

  35. In this game 99% accuracy is not a strange thing. Games Hans played in Croatia were much more complicated and there he also has 97%.

  36. I hope Hans is not a cheater because he is one of the most unique players today.

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