NEVER Resign in Chess! #shorts

Time pressure is real! 🥲

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 5 seconds on the clock and everyone here with their engine pretending they'd have held.

  2. black h4 white will be a checkmate 😲🥲? why did you resign

  3. After queen take pawn can white bishop just move to H6 to treatening mate in next move ?

    Just asking dont bully me 100Elo

  4. If that person was hikaru then he would have converted a loss to a draw then a draw to a win… and played the most moves until he is completely hopeless…

  5. Bro would have put the bishob behind the queen and mate was unstopppable

  6. I see took me so long to realize how they draw

  7. Qd5+ – – > Qh1+…​ rinse and repeat.

  8. Kf6 would finish the game very nicely with the reverse nigel short manuevet not kh6 qf6 but kf6 qh6

  9. It's a easy draw man, I really don't understand why he is grandmaster in the game region 😯😕

  10. Qd5+!! forces white to draw! If not white will lose his queen.

  11. Andrés Gustavo Fernández Ayala says:

    Karjakin didnt find the move. Incredible.

  12. force draw of he didnt resign

  13. Kf6 Qc3+ Be5 is just winning, I don't know how he didn't find it on the board. That was the first idea that came to my mind.

  14. Game was Draw by repeating d5 and h1 check but black resign.

  15. The fundamental rule of chess::- "never resign '"

  16. It is really strange. Perpetual checks are the one resource you're looking for when you are defending a position like this. Qd5+ and qh1+ seals the deal.

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