Nakamura Defeats Anand: London Chess Classic Round 3

Hikaru Nakamura gave Viswanathan Anand a nasty birthday present in round three at the London Chess Classic as he defeated the legendary Indian grandmaster.

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  1. Get your shit together, Enough with the spoilers! Unsub.

  2. No quarrel with the quality and the actual information that is dispensed , but this guy is sooo stiff and robotic. Maybe repetition will relax him and some humor or excitement will be conveyed. Fingers ctrossed.

  3. Amazing game review and analysis, pointing out the deepest tactics at grandmaster level. Thanks for uploading!

  4. 2016 and spoilers in the title on YouTube…… really? Are you new?

  5. He analyzes WAY to fast! Slow down, man. A 17 minute video done in eight and a half.
    Either Danny or Ginger must take over, or he has to slow down and let us see every move. He talks while clicking the mouse to make the moves. We dont understand what hes talking about when he talks over ten moves.

  6. Its good analyzing, though, but the format is to fast. And he could explain some of the elementary stuff in the opening and in the position following, like danny does, to us non-GMs 🙂

  7. Could you guys not always spoil the result in the title

  8. Very clear and concise analysis as usual. A very interesting game indeed.

  9. In the analysis,he just skipped through the opening.What if after Nd2,black plays Nxc3,bxc3 and Bxc3,winning a pawn?You didn't discuss that!

  10. Gotta love the insights into GM thought processes

  11. Danny , Jan and Kingscrusher are best commentators on YouTube. these other guys are so frikken boring.

  12. if black catch on f6 Queen catch on d4 ? How about the Queen! 3:38

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