My Problem With Hikaru Nakamura

Another day, another chess drama. Drop a like and let us know your thoughts in the comments!
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  1. If the coach was called Yuri, he was definitely proud about the game transforming into a rook endgame

  2. Everyone knows that wins at women's events do not count, silly streamer girl lol. Hikaru remains correct.

  3. Yeah, but he's super hard to learn from, enjoy it wasn't to talk to.

    Sure he's good at chess. What else does he have?

  4. great content, super clear and entertaining game! Hikaru is wrong!

  5. Your sister is HOTTER than you 😛 HAHAH OOPS

  6. you are always a queen to me in the whole panorama of chess. so you wim always. 🙂

  7. You wont respect the challenge him and beat him

  8. After she played queen d4, why the hell didn't you check mate her with queen h8?

  9. Hikaru is a super GM in both chess and enunciation.

  10. Under the hood We all know that in some way Hikaru is correct!!

  11. Dayum, the ranking has changed a lot over the years

  12. If I put f4, black pawn…its mate in 4 for black…what is wrong with it?

  13. Keep your head up, you're highly underrated ❤

  14. I agree with you. Hikaru shouldn’t have said that. I’m surprised that someone so good at what he does could feel so offended at not winning something – to be bitter enough to say that. Did you all wind him up or something?

  15. Nicely explained. I didn’t know you gave explanations of the game, but this was clear and I could understand … The one thing I’m unsure of, is why you exchanged queens instead of seeking the checkmate that was available?

  16. you're an inspiration alex… i loves you.. you're video had helped me achieved my first fide rating.. last year i was 1322 on classical, after i watched your every videos.. my classical rating had jumped to 3096 in classical.. thanks alex! you're my lovely teacher

  17. You dont have to be a super grand master if most of your viewers are beginner or intermediate, you only need to be entertaining and educational.

  18. 😂😂he was the one who have always been no2 now no3😂

  19. You are making Chess watchable and understandable for normal people. That's a big win for Chess!
    Hikaru is genius at playing Chess, but the Chess needed you to get a new life.

  20. I don't like the way she changed her way to speak so that is tik tok friendly and stuff idk I'm out

  21. I'm really sorry Botez but rapid fire chess players like Hikaru Nakamura underestimating someone who is doing public battles or explaining certain positions is quite understandable because they're used to playing the game in full speed and the grandmaster usually pre moves all the possible dangers.

  22. thats the trouble with peaking at 16 its all downhill from there lol you see it in sports all the time. some kid is naturally bigger at a younger age and dominates but then gets by passed by others who work harder and develope thier skills more or just catch up to them size and strength wise. but grats on your accomplishments. as a steamer my guess would be you arent trying to be the best chess player you are trying to be the most entertaining. you will always be more entertaining than Hikaru; he just wins you entertain. and as long as you have that goofy sister? Hikaru has no chance of being a more entertaining streamer 🙂

  23. The crazy thing is the bar is too low i don’t mean to shit on women but even a 1700 could take out international women champions why is there such a gap idk but there is if they were all put under the same league i don’t any woman even makes it to top 50 which is crazy to me

  24. The channel could be just Alex. Andrea is soooo annoying

  25. So why didn't she finish the game and instead exchanged the queens?

  26. That SOB Hikaru or whatever his name is, is so arrogant. Sure, he's good at a board game and not even the best at that. It doesnt make him good at physics or medicine or things that actually make a difference in the world.😂

  27. What was the point of this video lol am i missing something

  28. "The score was 2-1 for England" – shows the Union Jack… 😐 Okay, there are holes in the story, but still a good one, and funny.

  29. Everybody inderstands that if Hikaru had such a nice body and face he would have won this award

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