My First Classical Game As World Champion

Today I wanted to talk about my first classical game as World Champion. The game was played in the Zürich Chess Challenge 2014, against GM Boris Gelfand.

The full game:

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  1. 6:16 "its the right move positionally" yeahh thats the world champion style, he is a positional player and a very GOOD ONE, Capablanca, Karpov and Smyslov they would be proud.

  2. Ok, the music at the end is the Halo music, that's hilarious

  3. Brilliant. What's the specific name of that set of pieces? they look like Drueke a little bit.

  4. Please post more! I'd love to see your analysis of any and all chess matches! Anything you want to analyze. Please eve go into detail about your favorite matches in the past, played or that others played. Thanks in advance!!! 🙂

  5. In the future the only one who beats magnus is himself.

  6. After music at the end I was waiting for a Mr. Bean episode.

  7. How did I get here? I don't know. Literally no clue. Algorithm led me to you and I think I'm happy with this.

  8. Why not go through the full game that was awesome!

  9. This video shows how much work you've put into the game and it's amazing. The fact that you can make an 11 minute video about only a small portion of one of your games and how you made it a winning position for yourself. It's gold man.

  10. I heard Magnus beat the devil at chess and got a set made of solid gold for the win, but he had to play for his soul.

  11. This is one of the best chess videos/lessons I have ever seen. Amazing to see this quiet position come to life. Thank you!
    One request – please get a new chess set!

  12. Key Point
    05:07 Maybe the move g4 comes to your mind, but once you see it, you cannot get it out of your mind.
    I think Magnus should do a part 2
    Finish off the game with his endgame analysis

  13. There is a con, your left computer board projection is not updated. Plz better video editing ^_^

  14. World champ that gets smoked by a 16yo. So we won't nickname him 'tobacco'

  15. Who won? Congratulations on world champ.

  16. A befitting game for a World Champion, for sure.

  17. pg4 Nxd2; Nxd2 Bd3 with attack on a rook to gain tempo and future possibility of e6. I don't think i would play either Bg4 or Be6. But i am just 1600 Glicko2 rating

  18. Sir I am big fan of yours
    I always used to analyse your steps in world wide chess matches
    I downloaded Magnus trainer app
    It is very useful to me
    Thanks sir
    It is really true that getting a heart from you is great and it is almost not possible

  19. Thank you so much….for such a nice video…I'm very thankful to you that you provide us Very knowledgeable video…. Thank you

  20. The camera works is quite makimg me dizzy. But that insight on the game, how he thinks and how he broke the game down was really mesmerizing

  21. Very Intense feeling for Magnus
    When you are a world Champion and there is always a pressure of not to lose against anyone because it's 1st Game after the Crown of World Champion♥️♥️

  22. Ah c'mon Maggie, we all know that professional chess is like the WWF, it's okay, really it is.

  23. First I hate magnus a lot only because he is to powerful or something , but when I had done a little bit recherch on him now I am able to know him his abilities his past I proud to say that magnus is my idol .
    You know what magnus this is my one the dream that one the I will play a game with you 😁
    Don't know you will read this or not …. Well….
    Your fan prateek from india 😁

  24. May ALLAH give you success in this world and next world.ameen
    Respect from Pakistan.

  25. WOW, Big fan here sir, getting to know how does a World Champion thinks…

  26. Share us how you practice chess please Magnus

  27. Take a shot every time Magnus says “concrete”

  28. Feel like my brain opened up, it´s all so clear now.

  29. Legend of the chess forever 💙💚❤️

  30. Somehow he played more mysteriously then than today ^^

  31. i love your legendary human analysis. thank you maggsie for making good content for us plebians.

  32. It doesn´t matter too much, but you seem to have mixed up the move order. According to the database (and also "Magnus wins with White"), e3 was played before queens were exchanged at b3.
    But whatever, this is an awesome lecture! And it´s always great to have a real board involved!

  33. 👣Greetings…you always have an impression of a very natural Man, as a 800 player myself…you will continue to amaze with your kindness, and leaving an inprint upon where you shall walk. May future World Champions be as Humble.

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