MY BEST CLASSICAL RESULT!!!!! | Sunway Formentera 2024 R4 Recap

This game was unreal!! This is my highest non-loss classical result so far and I was super proud of the game as well! Hope you like the recap! 🙂

Photo from @SunwayChessOpen

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  1. I was SOO looking forward to this recap. During the livestream, I could tell just by the body language that this was an epic match for BOTH players. Anna, your eyes were GLUED to the board burning holes into it. You even drew a few spectators. This game was so intense that right after the match, I'm sure it was Sosa who was heard screaming in the bathroom so loud it was picked up on the mic. I burst LOL! Congratulations on an important victory even though it was a draw.

  2. Congrats again on this game, Anna! So nice to see all the lines you thought about as well.

  3. Incredible bounce back, studying paying off

  4. by watching both your games and the candidates, I noticed that your playing style is pretty similar to that of Nurgyul Salimova… a positional-attacking style… 🇲🇽

  5. What an amazing game! King d5 is an absolutely insane move, you were fully in the zone this game

  6. I liked your style of explaining things. Keep it up! One day you'll be very popular.

  7. The way you handled that end deserves way more praise then I can give, just beautiful Anna thank you❤… I feel like your opponent was just praying for you to make a mistake in the end game

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