My Best Classical Chess Game (This Year)

Recap of my game in Round 2 of Reykjavik Open! Make sure to subscribe and turn your notifications on to not miss any of the following rounds recaps. Drop a like and let me know in the comments if I should more more classical chess content!
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  1. You know the emotion is real by how many move names she messes up while talking xD

  2. With Alexandra’s outfit, the windows on that building, and the cosmic purple chess board, I feel like I’m watching a chess recap from like the year 2073 or something.

  3. I was impressed with the Rook A7 move following with Rook A6. I just never could think about how to manage that position while pertaining a winning trade! Good move

  4. nice to see chess explained in a calm, educational, instructive manner. without anyone shouting or jumping….

  5. Dude in the thumbnail getting thirsty over Alex, lol

  6. Oh this young woman knows how the knight moves..😛

  7. 10:32 Could someone explain why he had to trade off his rook there? Surely if Alex had taken b6 he would have had the rook at a7. Also his rook at a8 wasn't threatened because it was protected twice.

  8. The key was K f2 and then N a2. He should have prevented the K f2 move, and then after N a2, the rest of the game was pretty clear.

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  10. It's painful to see/hear that Alexandra so often misspeaks the name of fields after so many years of chess. 🙁

  11. Why do you wear onlyfans dress in chess competition

  12. Nice to see you bounce back in the second round! When you mentioned knowing your opponent played a "bad" line (the pawn capture of the bishop in the opening) but that you hadn't studied how to exploit it, it reminded me of playing my son in Go. He remarked that he knew I was playing moves that he knew weren't good BUT not being experienced enough to consistently exploit them…

  13. thanks alexandra i like these sorts of game analysis. road to international master!

  14. Alexa Botez with GRANDMASTER JON LUDVIG HAMMER•••>in REYKJAVIK•••>As it turned to look at handphone…the publication was a world first(TOURNAMENT)!

  15. Others have not done so well(CHESS-PLAYING)!

  16. I really liked ra7 allowing the capture of the b pawn. That was a very cool move because it allowed for the activation of the white bishop and the eventual win of the pawn back. A classy move, in other words.

  17. Turn music off. Start using a, computer (not Wood board)

  18. A very nicely played game, Alex! Let me offer one critique: the number of times you misidentified the SQUARES on the board during your recap is stunning. It's normal to call "b3" the "b6" square and make similar such mistakes once or twice, but you do this so frequently with so many squares, I wonder if it might point to some ways in which you could use such knowledge to your advantage as to WHAT and HOW to study. You need to KNOW each and every square on the board just as easy as you recognize the difference between a King and a Queen! (I think you called a Bishop a Rook once, too.) This should lead to some SIMPLE exercises that might vastly improve your game, because these are easy errors to correct. Nice work! – j q t –

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  20. Why are they taking notes? What are they writing down? I never understand that.

  21. Алекс, этот мужчина, в самом деле, проиграл, любуясь твоей красотой, лучшую классическую твою партию специально!

  22. The largest and by far most popular female chess streamer being rated 1988 is unhinged lmfao

  23. She messed up a few times on calling the squares an incorrect name… come on get it right Botez!!!

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