mute supergm chess – lofi hip hop beats to scowl/sulk to

Hikaru plays Fedoseev to lofi hip hop music playlist

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  1. I can never predict a move except the obvious takes..

  2. lofi and chess.. who knew that they would fit together. This is new and sick.

  3. I like how he side-eyes the chat after he does something filthy.

  4. Loving how chill this is. Although Hikaru seems like he’s in a crappy mood today

  5. I think this is my favorite format; it would be super cool if this was done like once every two weeks or something like 'chill chess Saturdays'.

  6. The thumbnails, edits, and titles are on point on this channel! Incredible.

  7. Please take out this stupid music, dont put any stupid , any music at all please

  8. Love the format here, super happy for the upload!

  9. Thumbnail is outrageous. Hikaru is mad funny

  10. I love this video. I wonder; is there a possibility to add sounds of the chess pieces? I think it might add to the ASMR goodness that this is.

  11. This video is terrible for my ADD. I know chess is the type of thing you should put your full focus on, but I find myself doing other things while watching this video, as I often do.

  12. Fedoseev must've nightmares of Hikaru'S forks …them nasty

  13. Hikaru's cute when he's sulking, its hilarious how even winning he stays so stubornly mad

  14. Congratulations for being in my playlist.😂

  15. Lol I always feel so much better after bad games when reading the title of this vid

  16. 11:47 I remember when Hikuru used this track a lot… his games were so fun to watch

  17. I just realized I moved my head around for 1 hour while playing on lichess 🙂

  18. Lol this vids so damn great to listen to when working on annoying repetitive college work to relate to all the sulk sounds.

  19. haven't lost a game while having this in the background 10/10

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