Modern Chess Is Breaking Levy

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  1. Gotham is his videos: 😃🤙
    Gotham in YouTube shorts: 💀🗿🤬

  2. I mean once you master the French Petrov defense you’ll have nothing to worry about

  3. It's an easy issue to solve .. just play the petroff against alpha zero and learn how to beat it

  4. I seriously wish I was even close to being intelligent enough to understand this.

  5. I play petrov to try do Eric Rosen's "oh no my queen" checkmate. Thats it

  6. I think if you didn’t take his bishop and took the queen he would take with the rook and the you take with rook mate??

  7. I don't understand the queen just disappeared

  8. Bro when he said “Petrov” I immediately pictured the cat from Emperors New Groove 😂

  9. Why did he take the bishop he could have checkmated right?

  10. I agree with Levy I mean chess has been out for i dont know how many years but there hasn't been any major updates. They should really add something that would change the meta like maybe adding another official

  11. The reason why it’s not good is because of you accept it and you bring you knight back, you lose your queen

  12. EyeGaimInHD - FIFA 18 Pro Clubs - CM says:

    I don't even know what the Petrov does, sucks to be a 700 😂

  13. I’m a teenager. I go for fried liver every time and if that doesn’t work I wing it.

  14. *state of my mind after i blunder . . .

  15. Every book opening I know about I've found by just playing them, love chess but too lazy to study it

  16. Yeah I hate the petrov's xuz it's drawish

  17. Bro dont get me started with the petrov. When i see it i immediately ask for a draw, then they have the audacity to say no. Like bruh, its the petrov. Ick

  18. My standard is Roy lupez for white at e4 and e5

  19. I like the Petrov but I also suck at chess

  20. Bro when the opponent took the bishop, he would have taken the queen and it was mate

  21. As a teenager your making me want to play the petrov just to stick it to gothom

  22. Shoooot, In 400 elo it’s either a game vs wayward queen or stockfish queen sac mate 😂

  23. this will forever be the funniest gothamchess video

  24. Couldn’t he take the queen at the start because of back rank?

  25. Why didn’t you take the Queens in the start

  26. I'm gonna start playing the Petrov because while I would love to play a Traxler or something, I don't wanna give my opponent the opportunity to play the Ruy-Lopez

  27. I've watched like 20 of this guy's shorts, and I still don't understand a damn thing he's talking about because the only two chess plays I know are the Bongcloud Attack and the ICBM.

  28. Bro hates the petrov because its drawish but plays the caro

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