Mate in 58 – Vallejo Pons vs Carlsen | Grenke Chess Classic 2019

Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Vallejo Pons vs Carlsen from the Grenke Chess Classic2019. Support on Patreon: ►
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  1. Carlsen is now has a winning streak of 5 games (Giri,Karjakin,Grishchuk,Keymer,Vallejo pons,)Totally remarkable

  2. Good stuff, Daniel. Keep up the good work. Typical Magnus , grinding and squeezing his opponents in looong games.

  3. I believe it was worth to mention the pawn grab 33.B:b7, instead of retreating the knight with 33.Nc4 ( which prevented 33…Rd2) .
    – It is such minor inconsistencies that lead to trouble against "Magnus the Magician".

  4. Are we sure Magnus is human? Playing like a machine lately .

  5. Carlsen back in a league of his own, more than 50 points down to the next man (Caruana) on the live ranking.

  6. Carlsen's Immortal Game – made all the more spectacular being with black

  7. This was kind of a crazy game with all those Bkack weaknesses …also it would have been nice to see why Na3 draws…

  8. Impressive Game&Technique from Magnus. He make it look so easy…..

  9. looks like the same two trolls thumbs down this video as well

  10. Is the 50 moves rule fair then, if there is a win and the only reason you cannot get it is a movelimit?

  11. Carlsen has the BLACK pieces not the White pieces as you say 0.30

  12. Oops! Magnus almost walked into mate around move 31! But I guess when the chess gods are smiling on you, you can do no wrong!
    Also not to be picky but Daniel blew past what looks like a major chance for White — instead of 33,Nc4, he had simply 33 Bxb7! and Carlsen himself mentioned that Black would be fighting for the draw.

  13. It's interesting to note that in the saving line for White – 48. Rxg3! (instead of Bc6?) Bxg3 49. Kxg3! – both captures by White are forced, since 49.Nxg3? is actually shown by Tablebase to be losing quite quickly after 49…Kg5!; this goes to illustrate further how dangerous the position has become for White by this stage. In general, though, RN v BN endgames do tend to be both theoretically & practically preferable for the defender than RB v BN with bishops of opposite color.

  14. Thanks Daniel. You should get some rest too, you mixed up the piece colours at least a couple of times while analysing this marathon 🙂

  15. Great analysis as always, two very long entertaining/educational videos. Thank you GM!

  16. what I learnt from this game, never play natural moves

  17. Well if there was a theoretical win in 54 moves according to your machine @ 16:29 then i don't think the losing side should be saved by the Bell !! , i thought the original rule was 50 moves to show there was a progress being made towards an eventual win or mate !! .

  18. Good Internet speed and coverage is better than checkmate in ca. 60 moves.:) Yesterday's broadcast was a disaster.

  19. The 75 moves exceptions were removed “a few years ago”? (15:13) Well, that depends on your viewpoint, of course, but I think you could argue that it was rather “a long time ago”:
    It happened on the 1st of july 1997 when Magnus was only 6 years old.
    (I know because in those days I was part of the team that translated the FIDE Laws of Chess into Danish, and I wrote about the changes for the magazine of my chess club.)

  20. About you accent. Would you say it's a typical London's accent, or maybe with the chess travels you lost it a little bit?

  21. Great analysis! Keep it up Daniel! Basic summary of every Carlsen game: Nothing happens, nothing happens, Carlsen wins!

  22. the rules of chess are just stupid, if there is a position you can as here mate in 54 there shouldnt be some rule to stop you do so. Why cant they just figure out the longest line there is in any of this ending and when you figure that out we have the number..

  23. Danny has graduated from counting errors to color errors. Poor showing by Carlsen as white here

  24. Great Game! 💯💪😃👌👍

  25. Carlsen's fortitude is impressive. Two marathon wins with black. A very exciting start to Grenke all around.

  26. Incredible precision and out of the world stamina on display by the World Champion!

  27. Great analysis as always. This is an example how difficult endgames without any pawn are.

  28. I always assumed top level GMs knew these end games by heart. Mate in 55 means he had yet another chance to escape. So many chances wasted. What a lazy GM lol

  29. Beautiful Video and it seems that Carlsen would break his own record!

  30. Thanks Daniel, I wonder if the chess analytics reveals that once a mate in many moves position is revealed, what are the stats for success and failure and what insights can be gained from that? It would be interesting to know that as this is top tier chess and what they see what the rest of us can only see in awe both in the top players and what the computers see as well.

  31. Good to see Carlsen is the best without a doubt. His endgame is unmatched in 2019.

  32. You know Danny, I rarely watch your videos. Because as good as your commentary is, you have this “spastic piece” problem which is due to the way you use chessbase. I’m watching the game and all of a sudden a move gets omitted, because you moved so fast, even as you’re talking in a casual tone. It’s very jarring. I’ve commented on this before.

  33. I saw this crazy game between Topalov and Ivanchuk in 1999 Linares tournament, saw it on chessbase and was wondering if it could be a future video.

  34. I'm beginning to see that when under the cosh..
    playing it safe doesnt work

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