Master Class | French Defense, Steinitz | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

12:00 Analysis

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  1. Can you please play French defense with black? Tyvm

  2. I play D5 after D4 and when my opponents play a stonewall or london. What are good systems against these openings?

  3. Danya, I feel like it would be super helpful if you just kept the speed run going perpetually and started over whenever you reach 2000 or so. I know thats a big commitment and we all so appreciate your work on this one as well as your big boy tournaments!

  4. I know this video is about chess but… How is Daniel always in a different room?

  5. This was excellent. Would love to see more content like this

  6. Congortionations on an absolute LEGEND performance at the US! Fabi.. So… who are those jokers? GG!

  7. Thank you for the video :)) You look great today!

  8. day 53 of saying you're the best dany. thanks for being the guy who brings us awesome content and putting forth, much love. me ke aloha*

  9. Another vote for more speedrun content, please! These are amazing. Puzzles and blitz are fun and all, but I don't learn that much from them. I'm 2400 in puzzles but can't seem to break 1700 rapid.

  10. Just watching his chess videos allowed me to make less mistakes and win more frequently

  11. Craxy how grandmasters just give you zero openings. This guy didn't even get to play the middle game because he was moving his queen out of danger every turn.

  12. Love how you stuck to your original plan, And that e5 pawn with the nasty d6 bishop just cramped blacks position and proper development. I think I've been on the loosing side of a similar position myself and it sucked.
    Thank you Sensei.

  13. These are the most instructive chess videos on youtube. When I see one on my feed I can't click it fast enough.

  14. Is it just me or have the last few episodes in this series been very low on the audio level? I can't hear the audio hardly at all.

  15. Am already mourning the end of this speed run. Again! Again! We are spoiled with good Chess content now, but yours is easily the best. The way you break down your thought process is incredible – especially when you do your “I know lots of you will be tempted by this move” stuff… we are! Best teacher out there.

  16. Danya I would love if you just kept this run going all the way to the top, I think you playing high level chess and explaining it out would still be helpful for any level of viewer!

  17. Bruh i been trying to look for theory on this variation for black and its so hard to find any.

  18. People who say 'gg' after losing are real heroes. Love those people.

  19. I really love to play French as black…but i cant hold my position with 1800+rated player..pls make full video how to play accurately french defense and create attack on opponents…Sir, Lots of love from Bangladesh…

  20. Watching R9 of the US championships and Naroditsky is going out on his shield

    Win loss or draw for him they've all been great games

  21. Finally a good line against the French for white! Looking on the Lichess database, it seems like a pretty rare line too, so unlikely that most opponents will see it. Very healthy win rate for white, and the engine says only like -0.2 or so, meaning there is good compensation for the pawn.

  22. That game was defiantly pre planned, u never would have done that in real time bro…….u can’t fool me ……….

  23. Obviously, this game was pre programmed so u would win…..

  24. could you do a masterclass for the modern defense (g6)? love your videos

  25. Doesn't g6 just destroy the whole plan for white? Black can just recaputure with the knight or the rook (after castling)?

  26. Please turn up the volume. The viewer can always lower it. Thanks

  27. thank you danya ive been watching this series every evening and learning from every episode! I love the way you analyze and easily explain tactics and concepts i wasnt able to grasp or even weren't explained anywhere else! My chess game and understandment has increased so much lately because of your videos, like never before, except for when i just started picking up chess a year ago.

  28. Thanks Daniel! Love your explanations!

  29. @5:27, why does a6 open the door to na4? Like I get that its a good move, but why does a6 seemingly allow it?

  30. i went from 800 to 3800 just by following this guy damn

  31. Greatest chess commentator by a mile, smart, likeable and always on point!

  32. Those winning moves in the corner seem so obvious when Danya plays them, but remain mysterious to me when I play!

  33. Daniel is the closest thing to a virtual grandmaster friend that I have found, because anything I'm struggling with or have a question about chances he's covered it. Very thankful and let's keep pushing forward!

  34. I made a jump from ~1700 on CC to ~1850 in just a few weeks because of your lessons. Thank you very much, Danya! All best.

  35. Thank you so much Daniel. Your videos help us a lot in improving our game.

  36. u have good communication skills and a patient demeanor

  37. Struggling to find a consistently good weapon against the French on 1800 Rapid level. Really like these videos for the deep insights and explanations of the positional ideas. Keep up the great work.

  38. Great video thanks. Btw I play this variation now because of these videos!

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