Magnus: “Why am I spending time playing classical chess which I find stressful and boring?”

Video credit: Maria Emelianova/ Chesscom

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  1. its the pleasure of making hikaru angry that keeps him going

  2. He's like a crackhead, BUT on BLITZ & RAPID (Should be called RABID) chess…It's SHAMEFUL IMHO

  3. Unreleted question but what the heck is Ding Liren doing? Where is he? I haven't seen him in any top tier tournaments after the world chess championship, hell I barely saw him before that as well. China has so many representatives in the female side, why the hell isn't the world chess champion playing in it?? Ian is playing just fine. Whats the point of earning the world chess champion and basically turn into a backdrop?

  4. 4.5/6 equals a rating loss for Magnus, cruel. Vincent is giving him a tough fight but tomorrow he gets his rapid game.

  5. When you're at the very top you almost have nothing to gain/lose at this point, but you still keep on going because it's been your whole life.

  6. Please Magnus. Face Wesley So, Vidit, Hikaru, Alireza, Nodirbek, Anish, Nepo & Fabi in rated classical 9LX like 120min+. Forget the idea of having to play both colours of the same setup. White doesn't really have an advantage in the average 9LX game anymore than in chess.

    Chess has single round robins & single swiss even w/ KNOWN white advantage, so why hypocritically hinder 120min+ 9LX for UNKNOWN white advantage?

    You can do Norway 9LX if FIDE & St Louis won't. Convince fans that classical 9LX really shows the beauty of the game. Coordinate with Jøran Aulin-Jansson. You and Sergey Karjakin can even start a parallel pure 9LX federation together. Of course you'd have to let Sergey play under the russian flag.

    Also Lotis Key told Wesley So no chess tournaments w/ Sergey. But Lotis never said anything about 9LX tournaments. Lol.

    Anyway, no top100 chess player right now has more influence to have classical 9LX than Magnus sooo…

  7. Sincerely, that is too much. "Stressful and boring"? That's disrespectful with his opponents and the public. Not the first time, though. Buddy, you're a genius, but if you don't like classical chess anymore, don't play it and keep your mouth shut.

  8. Classical to me is the truest form of Chess. Stressfull? Yes, long? Yes but boring? Surprising from a chess player. All our attention span has dropped significantly and the world no 1 genius is no exception to it. He is being a normal 21st century human like all of us.

  9. To me, it’s like what else is he gon do if he drops classical chess. Become a streamer, only play in esportesque chess events with blitz and rapid time controls?

  10. Why are you playing classical then. That’s absurd.

  11. Lmao now that he lost he is wondering why he is playing? Wasnt an issue when he was winning lmao. What a sore loser

  12. The Jokić of chess. It's a job and he's the best at it, but still a job.

  13. it cant be good for chess if the best player doesnt like it.

  14. Magnus is on a mission to destroy classical chess. Thats why he refuse to play match against Nepo. Now imagine, Messi or Ronaldo start talking (and I believe this also happens very soon lol) that a classical football game is boring and whyt they are playing (BUT STILL playing lol) and they start to promoting EA sports. Magnus is also ambasador of that. He promote football fantasy. Thats a brigde! Disgusting and pitty.
    And we are morons who follow what the stars have to say. because it's not the stars it's corporations speach from their mouth.

  15. hey Magnus just run as Norway's Prime Minister…now that's exciting but stressful…

  16. Mans been the king of chess for over a decade, hes earned his right to be bored of it, especially when theres so many rapid and blitz events.

  17. It's true. Classical chess is boring. Especially with GM's. You end up watching 3 hour match and in the end is a draw….everything is predictable. Or waiting 20 min to watch a move they decided in the first 2 mins.

  18. Your mind can conjure up more more crap than the world will give, if you let it.

  19. I did find it odd he was playing in this tournament when he said he had no interest in the world classical chess championship. Don’t know if he’s here out of feelings of obligation or he genuinely just doesn’t know where he wants to go with his career. Must be a really confusing time for Magnus. Hope he figures it out.

  20. or in other words, "Why am I here just to suffer?"

  21. 30mins each is totally enough. Can't watch chess more than that.

  22. He said he wanted to reach 2900. Now it seems he lost motivation

  23. It saddens me he doesn't enjoy classical chess anymore.

  24. "Classical games are stressful" –
    The best classical player ever

  25. At a certain point it becomes a matter of identity. I’m sure it’s a delicate process for him to navigate but I have no doubt he will find a way.

  26. man is like fcuk this shit man i got no time for this crap

  27. we are in the 21at century, time is so precious and computers chess plays developed so much if you really want to show a chess mentality in a game like old times yo cant give time more tahn 30 minutes to each player… Chess needs to be much short…

  28. Rapid, blitz and bullet, where you can easily thrash your opponent and then lose on time, that really makes a lot sense. If classical chess is boring, then rapid, bullet, and blitz is meaningless, worthless total bollox, which it is.

  29. Is classical chess not designed best to prove his understanding is superior? Carlsen tends to overwhelm the other players more often in rapid chess.

  30. I have been learning chess for a month and find it boring and super time-consuming. I think I will pass and delete all chess acounts and stop subscribing to chess videos and find a new hobby. To be honest video games are more fun/exciting than chess. To me chess is like learning new not interesting stuff in school. Openings, theory is like school to me maybe people just love memorizing stuff I don't get it why clasical chess is popular. Boring as fu*k

  31. He said before that he has a fear of losing and what that will do to his reputation and image in history.

  32. yeah, I agree with him, playing chess is just hobby you know, my phone is already better than world champions at playing chess.

  33. what kind of weird movement you do head shake wtf)

  34. He should try something else maybe Tetris ?

  35. I guess he knew the feeling of waiting for your opponent to do a blunder after thinking it through after an hour. Aside from it's stressful, who would want to play for long hours just to look at the board and do it for another hour or so.

  36. People's minds are so corrupted by everything being fast these days. Constant TikTok videos, bullet chess games etc. Grandmasters are no exception to this dopamine train. Of course you won't want to do something slow and difficult anymore.

    Classical chess is just fine and doesn't need to be shorter.

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