Magnus, Ding, MVL, Rapport & More Kickoff Fast Classical | GRENKE Chess Classic 2024 Rds 1&2

World no. 1 Magnus Carlsen and World Champion Ding Liren play the GRENKE Chess Classic, a 6-player event happening alongside an open with almost 3,000 players! Two rounds are played each game at a “fast-classical” time control of 45 minutes per player, with 10 seconds added per move. Watch the games:

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  1. I'm a big Jan fan too, but his mike keeps fading in and out horribly – typical post-merger tech quality. I'll be giving up on this soon. Amateurs….

  2. The comment from the commentator at 33 minutes in is exactly what I wish all chess commentators would do. Don't go too into theoreticals and miss the actual gameplay as I have seen happen.

  3. Any special reason you guys can't keep the camera and board in sync? How difficult can it be with onky three games?!?

  4. If Vincent can learn how to not fall behind on the clock he's going to be a monster.

  5. They have to remove the gustafsson guy, he can't use a microphone. Voice was constantly switching from ASMR to shouting.

  6. Магнус! Удачи! Приятно видеть Магнуса в рубашке, пиджаке и с классической стрижкой🌷

  7. Sorry but Ding is a horrible representative. He can´t even open his water bottle

  8. What a commentator, gives me old school lecture vibes

  9. I watch this format simply because there's nothing else, but I really don't understand the appeal of these. Watching chess players play 40 minutes of good moves, and then have the games be decided by blunders in time trouble is just lame and boring.

  10. I really like this time control format. A little faster but still classical chess with increment.

    Hopefully more tournaments adopt it in the future. Thanks for great commentary, too! Cheers.

  11. Jan did a great job of solo commenting!

  12. GRENKE chess, Jan Gustafsson with P Leko joining later and the chess24 logo in lower right corner 😊 im having happy memories of the chess24 good times 👍
    And if I’m not mistaken we have chess24 music during intervals 👍

  13. Good show, it's a pit noone cared about equalizing the microphones, though

  14. Jan Gustafsson commentating with chess24 interface? Oh what a pleasant sight it is… It would be nice, if we could have Peter Svidler too. That would be legendary

  15. MAGNUS not playing in the world championship is about as senseless as playing bullet chess on a roll up board, with velcro pieces.

  16. Great commentary, Gustafsson is the best

  17. I love Jan's commentary! And his off the cuff humour is simply the best!!

  18. Wondered what happened to Jan. happy to see him again

  19. Day two coming hopefully with the great P Leko joining the always excellent J Gustafsson = great chess, analysis, humour, insight etc etc 😄

  20. Anyone seen that video of Magnus trolling Jan with The Dutch?

  21. Your videos are out of this world. Collab and explore the galaxy?

  22. Good to see Jan doing game commentary again.

  23. I really like Jan's commentating. I can multitask while watching. My boss even thought I'm on an online meeting and didn't bother me for the whole four hours.

  24. Great to see Gusty again! What's with the clean cut Magnus? Is there a haircut and beard rule in effect? Interesting time control for the modern age. If 45 minutes is what it takes to get Magnus to play, FIDE should seriously consider it for the world championship cycle. I wouldn't object.

  25. Jan is one of the best commentators. His humour is the best.

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