Magnus Carlsen’s Sicilian Masterclass | Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals Day 3

IM Levy Rozman aka GothamChess breaks down the games of Magnus Carlsen vs. Ding Liren. This was day 3 of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals. Tune in at at 10 AM Eastern daily for live coverage of the Magnus Carlsen Finals.

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  1. Great video! You are an excellent instructor, thank you.

  2. What kind of move is Re1?

    a rookie one 😀

    I'm sure the pun has been made before but let me have my moment

  3. Love the channel, for new players like me, do you mind not skipping the first couple of moves when you show games? Just trying to learn the sequences 🙂

  4. him: what do you call a quadruple fork?
    me:…a normal fork?

  5. Levy Rozman .. big thumbs up for the way you share your insight on chess and in general..

    That ladder series is dope .. it takes a lot of patience for masters like you to get into that 1200 zone and guide .. like under-promoting a pass pawn to a minor piece ..

    Respect and love from India 🇮🇳

    I hope this 17 year of chess career spans long and bear a whole lot more ..


  6. If forking king,queen and rook is called "family fork", we can call forking four pieces "society fork"

  7. A quadruple fork is just spelt differently: fourk!

  8. As a raw beginner 98.9% of this is way past me but I so appreciate your analysis, insights and breakdowns. I actually guessed right once even though had no real clue why. So, keep doing what you are doing Levy!

  9. What do you call a quadruple fork??? WINNING lul

  10. Lovely Selection of Game sir…..Real Masterclass … Your chess contents are just amazing …I felt motivated from it and started my own channel named Joshis Chess Academy. I am National Instructor and FIDE Arbiter (Certified Trainer and Arbiter from World Chess Federation)
    Thanks sir for the lovely and useful chess contents!!!!

  11. I really wish you'd show these from the first move. I'm not a super-chess-brain, and would love to see how they arrived at the position.

  12. You move the pieces too fast. Also you should not start on move 5 or 6. Those tips are to help you to improve your videos. 😉

  13. I wonder if Ding got insulted after Magnesium castled.

  14. They say la Croix rhymes with enjoy. That's the company's official statement

  15. You should make a series about playing hustlers at Union Square Park

  16. Are there YouTube videos of you and Anna doing commentary on this tournament.

  17. 9:06 It's the wooden shield guys..
    And Levy doesn't know it…

  18. I thought I read succulent instead of Sicilian.

  19. Proof that Once Again Anastasia is Still Alive . . . 💗

  20. I will take a sip of my peach pear luh craw

  21. Magnus did in fact consider Rxf7, he just didn't wanna risk it when he had such a nice advantage.

  22. It’s amazing to see how Magnus is able to seize the initiative as black – Ding is on the back foot reacting to Magnus’s moves

  23. Ding Liren's main mistake was playing chess with Magnus Carlsen. Other than that, he did fairly well.

  24. Levy upload Yesterday's match analysis, i will not watch agad. Not hating on agad though.

  25. Very helpful that I see all the time colors of the Magnus and Ding.

  26. Just magnus showing ding how it is done!

  27. You've been stepping up your content game so big last couple of weeks! good job man!!

  28. Can u tell me an opening for beginners?

  29. Excellent explained, one of your best videos… It seems that Ding has to work harder.

  30. Honestly, I like to use some games of grandmasters to memorize them and enter those games into my database to train, but it was a real pain in the ass to do with your video, why do you have to go that quick? But you developed some nice move variation which is great, but please just make a 20mn video with a decent tempo, take your time, rather than making a 13mn video at 5x…

  31. 6:38 variation is not winning, Black queen can take knight and it would be 2 rooks, a bishop, and a knight vs a queen and a rook. Its too much for white and mate can be avoided

  32. I was here for Levy's earlier material before he became cool

  33. 6:39 if Bxg5 then white wins with Qg7+ then Qxh8+ and Qg7+ and Qg8#, all of black's (king) moves being forced.

    No need to take the Bishop. But you can, with Qg7+ then Qxh8+ and Qg7+ and Qxg5 with unstoppable Qe7#

    Uhm, wait, actually: maybe Nf7 can be annoying. I guess in that case you take all of black's pieces and win the endgame. Including Nxd6+ and Nxe4 as an everpresent threat.

  34. Magnus be like: I'll teach you the Najdorf.
    No hate to Ding Liren, its just a joke:)

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