Magnus Carlsen’s FASTEST Win

These are some of Magnus Carlsen’s FASTEST Wins…



  1. Ding Liren is the best player in the world

  2. Please don't add music. We're meant to hear you* NOT the effing noise you added to it. Geez!

  3. sekgay carioskin bruh whos he why is he a threat to the BEST in the world.

  4. It's also mate if he takes the pawn though

  5. This is not his fastest win don't spread misinformation

  6. his speed is awesome…although he is so fast he is so accurate about his moves….even after sacrificing queen he has won games sometimes…another level… fav…..

  7. Nahhh why can't I use emojis here :skull: :skull: :skull: :headstone:

  8. Magnus Carlsen is the nest player in the worlf
    Me : is world a new country i didn't hear about ?

  9. Accept Jesus now he's coming he, s the son of god

  10. I thought the idea was to take out ser from name 😂

  11. Sergey weakened his kingside
    Magnus: Proceeds to launch a pawn side attack with his KING castle on the kingside.

  12. did anyone notice that his position before he attacked the kings side was kinda like the London

  13. Sergey Karjakin lost to Dimitry Andreikin in 10 moves so i think Dimitry Andreikin is a very close match aswell for Magnus Carlsen

  14. Uhmm i think Magnus is second and Hikaru is first

  15. whenever he says the masters name i just hear "sir gay" but still pretty good game ngl

  16. Fact = his fastest game was with Bill gates I 12 seconds

  17. "Magnus Carlsens fastest win"

    Magnus vs Bill Gates:Am I a joke to you?

  18. I would say fastes game for magnus was againts bill gates using only 12.2 seconds

  19. Magnus's shortest game is longer than my average game 😂

  20. But if you put Qb4 Magnus take bishop and still wins because of one rook and more pawn s that’s he resigned as well and checkmate which you showed

  21. How bput magnus winning in 1 sec against hikaru

  22. Me Winning a game in 4 moves with the scholars mate :

  23. Not actually his fastest but it was a very interesting match to watch

  24. My fastest match was 10 seconds i wasted 0 sec on my clock Cuz I fought against my stuff toys

  25. Bro magnus trash im better i deafeated maximum using my fingers brain

  26. Bcz of Magnus Carlsen I love chess

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