Magnus Carlsen Vs Hikaru Nakamura God Level Speed Chess #shorts #chess #magnuscarlsen #hikaru

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  1. Hikaru was about to do hinokami kagura breathing.

  2. but hikaru won 🤞🏻🫡
    because of clock 💀

  3. Magnus literally just started throwing the rook to one part of the chess board

  4. This Title Just Open my Mind Like it Was Kizaru Vs Magma"Akainu"

  5. vishy laughing at the corner 😂😂😂

  6. Me and my best friend palying chess in shool when the teacher says you guys are taking too long

  7. If this was an online match Hikaru could have easily bear magnus 💀 by pre moving 10 ' 15 moves

  8. clock : "oh yeahh",spank me moreee!!!:)

  9. when you have a meeting to attend them was like: bro hurry up im getting late

  10. When they are trying to explain with hands

  11. Is there a dress code for chess…. y everyone in suit and not in t shirt and short pants…

  12. This timer is a bummer. I wanna see them play with no intervention with fast pace

  13. lol the ending just Carlsen just stop the time without making a move. he probably did in his mind, his hand just did not register due to how fast his enemy and his mind going

  14. Gotta love how not a word was said but they both communicate through hand gestures at the end in frustration 😂😂

  15. Hikaru is in the right. What is Magnus thinking here? No way he can comeback from that time difference.

  16. Looked like the morning after a one night stand with a girl

  17. Unfair , the clock should be put on both side cause both of them are right hand player

  18. Magnus will still winning the match if he got a couple of seconds more

  19. this shud be on anime…5 sec can make up for 3 episode anime

  20. Ask me a question, can't you use both hands? like, one to move and one to pause

  21. Hikaru had 7:30 minutes and magnus only had 6? Bruh hikaru …

  22. Both at the end…aaahh leave it, clock is not working

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