Magnus Carlsen vs Bobby Fischer #chess


  1. Magnus is the best endgame player of all time.

  2. Νικόλαος Παπαλοπουλος says:

    Fischer is the better player in terms of pure chess skill Magnus would beat him but only bc of modern chess tools to help him

  3. Fischers is The best EVER! if Carlsen faced the Russians systematically like Fischer did we all know Carlsen would cry and scream like a baby doll

  4. Carlsen is undoubtedly the best endgame player of all time. Also Bobby and Magnus are two very different kind of players. Bobby was a genius in an era where computers and engines, didn't exist. Magnus is a straight-up machine, methodical and lethal. We're talking about two players that belong in the Mt. Rushmoore of chess, but Magnus is probably going to end up as the GOAT

  5. Okay for Endgame I have to respectfully disagree.
    Fisher is undoubtedly Godly in Endgame but Magnus is notorious for making dead draw positions into winning positions.

  6. The comparison is nonsense.
    Both players were great, but the exploration of the game was different. Let's switch them. Do you think Magnus is still the best if he has limited resources? Do you think Bobby will stop playing chess if he has a lot of resources? I don't think it's fair for Bobby to be compare.

  7. 𝐋𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐨𝐂𝐨𝐑 says:

    Magnus beat Karpov when he was just a kid.

  8. Nah bro said mid diff, are u serious? 💀

  9. It’s so sad that magnuse sad no to defend his title because now he is the best player in world but he is not a world champion

  10. Bobby was the goat of chess no debate.And the elo system of 1950s and today's is different. I am damn sure if today they battled head to head it would be a draw or a win for Bobby. One can argue magnus is better but donot forget magnus has excess to world class engines to improve and analyse his games where else Bobby himself was world class engines and the top player. If he chose to defend his title, the decades from 1970-2000 would be his.

  11. Bro if these 2 players fought eachother its like a unstoppable force vs a immoveable object.
    If you try to bully them just always know. your king isnt safe even the start of the game.

  12. For Magnus,it would be very hard to beat Bobby Fischer as he is the first US Grandmaster,as Magnus makes mistake or even blunders sometimes

  13. why do i feel thats like 2 dictators 1v1 battle

  14. Kids : Goku vs saitama
    Boys : ayanokouji vs mikey
    Men : Johan vs friend
    Sigma : Tobey maguire vs bully maguire
    Chad : Magnus carlsen vs Bobby Fischer

  15. i think magnus will win in this battle, he literally destroyed garry casparov while he was kid

  16. Bro really said Fischer is better at endgames😂

  17. Bobby Fischer would be way better than Magnus if he were in this timeline where there is the internet and also if he did not quit playing chess competively

  18. With all of my respect to magnus fans I would say that Bobby Fischer is better at the openings

  19. Tbh Magnus is just Bobby but better.
    +Magnus Carlsen is better than Bobby Fischer because they were born in 2 different eras. If Bobby was born in Magnus' era he would reach his prime, probably having a higher elo and being more skilled than Magnus.

  20. What if a 5 year old beat Magnus at his best would he just go “YOU HAVE BEEN MATED” If the 5 yo lost

  21. Magnus have more iq than bobby fisher his memory is magnificient

  22. There is no chance of Bobby Fischer been better than Carlsen in anything just because of the evolution of chess using engines

  23. How to make this moving photo effect in Alight motion ?

  24. The only thing im sure is that peak magnus is the best endgame player ever

  25. I was lowkey expecting “Haki” to pull up💀

  26. Fischer did it without engines and still made engine move after engine move. You can obviously tell who's stronger.

  27. This guy knows nothing about Fischer. Just a magnus fanboy making cringe edits

  28. endgame maguns is 100000 times better than bobby

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