Magnus Carlsen takes on 3000+ rated on GM Tsydypov | Commentary by Sagar

Magnus Carlsen is undisputedly the best in the world of chess. His opponent in this game GM Zhamsaran Tsydypov has a rating of 3000+ on in blitz. This shows in ample measure that he is a fine blitz player, in fact an expert. How does Magnus Carlsen deal with him in the game? Does he manage to beat him or get his hands burnt. Check out the game along with some instructive commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. The true world champion here is the commentator

  2. I have almost no clue of chess but thx to the commentary i kinda got whats up with it. very nice.

  3. Hey just wondering if you could put the type of match in the title as well? Like Blitz, Classical, etc.).

  4. Was he watching a chess game or the NBA Finals.. lmao😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Lol what did Tsydupov try to prove by not make use of his right hand for playing with black?

  6. Thanks, God bless you in Jesus name
    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  7. Hey , I have great idea . what is the highest rating in chess ? over 3000 ? I have great Idea , I will achieve lowest rating possible . something to do . So lowest rated should play most famous with highest rating . What do you think ?

  8. so tell me , if I achieve to get lowest rating ever , will I play highest rated player like how I am seeing ? Just imagine , "ladies and gents , first time ever televised play with Roy who has lowest rating possible with highest rated player ? Hey imagine that game .

  9. This dude sounds like the guy who called me the other day about my cars extended warranty

  10. Am I the only one that was bothered by the fact that both players’ primary hands are at the opposing side of the clock?

    I mean, if Magnus is right handed and the other guy is left handed, just switch your sits, instead of uncomfortably reaching out for that clock… or move the clock to the other side (if allowed).

  11. why didn't they replace the queens at the end of the game?

  12. Wow! Magnus looks like his opponent was an amateur .

  13. Great commentary I would not of understood much without it as I’m pretty new

  14. It a very different game when you can't use engine assistance…

  15. These types of videos should really say “X takes on magnus carlsen”

  16. i watch these guys and it gives me a full grasp of how bad iam

  17. Shut up. Chess is NOT your culture. If I asked you how to fry rice… you will say "It's not your culture". So if you ask me the rules to Chess… I should tell you that it's NOT your culture. You will then say its just a game. I should tell you it's just rice. And I don't like rice or care about rice or your mono country. YOU HAVE ENOUGH LAND, ENOUGH PEOPLE & ENOUGH GAMES OF YOUR OWN.

  18. I don’t understand why he conceded there’s still a chance the other guy could have won isn’t there? What am I missing?

  19. t was interesting to watch 13y old magnus gave big fight to Kasparov

  20. 7:55 BLACK HORSE can eat white horse for free !!!! What a mistake .

  21. Magnus plays g3 as a starting move against Chinese player as a disrespect or he doesn’t know what opening his opponent will respond with.

  22. Commentator seems to be expert than Magnus😅

  23. Sagar does best commentary,
    It makes easy to understand the game ❤

  24. Sir , you have more than one million subscriber.. which is more appropriate to say castle or castling? what is your factual basis to always say castle the king in the middle of your blog. Wikipedia, dictionaries and thesaurus tells us about a king and rook move in chess at the same time either king side or queenside is the exact word "castling". where did you get that word castle which is more likely to refer to a structure and sometimes used to describe also as a rook. please enlighten us?

  25. To Magnus opponent's rating doesn't matter

  26. when cricket commentator does chess commentary

  27. Very good commentary. I'm new to chess and I'm loving it and this is very informative.

  28. It is easy to commentate but let him play and lets see if he can win against this two…

  29. nobody needs to hear your indian accent. either speak Indian or dont speak

  30. You ruin this video with your commentary and projected moves!

  31. how come sager shah know all of this and still not become gm

  32. yea …the commentary is by Far Superior to the propaganda We Humans have to live with everyday as the World plays power games of WAR and people Die…Peace is not a Checkmate…/ or a Stalemate…it is Not Ever playing the Game of WAR but Making PEACE/Amen^

  33. How do you know Tsydypov is rated 3000 and what is the highest rating possible? Can it even be calculated?

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