Magnus Carlsen Stream | Blitz Chess | 19 April 2021

GM Magnus Carlsen Plays Blitz Chess on Twitch Stream (19 April 2021)

Magnus Carlsen vs Team Polgar and Team Kramnik

0:00 Start
1:35 WGM Jiner Zhu (FIDE 2459)
6:52 GM Praggnanandhaa (FIDE 2608)
14:27 IM Zhansaya Abdumalik (FIDE 2472)
20:24 GM Leon Luke Mendonca (FIDE 2549)
27:35 GM D Gukesh (FIDE 2578)
33:15 GM Tingjie Lei (FIDE 2505)
39:12 GM Nihal Sarin (FIDE 2620)
47:00 WGM R Vaishali (FIDE 2393)
53:35 IM Sarasadat Khademalsharieh (FIDE 2494)
1:00:37 FM Yahli Sokolovsky (FIDE 2442)
1:07:07 IM Polina Shuvalova (FIDE 2476)
1:14:19 GM Jonas Bjerre (FIDE 2550)
1:21:13 IM Volodar Murzin (FIDE 2478)
1:27:26 IM Olga Badelka (FIDE 2433) [Bongcloud]
1:33:32 GM Vincent Keymer (FIDE 2592)
1:40:50 IM Carissa Yip (FIDE 2430)
1:47:40 IM Gunay Mammadzada (FIDE 2443)
1:55:00 IM Christopher Yoo (FIDE 2455)
2:02:57 GM Wonder Liang (FIDE 2592)
2:10:14 GM Anna Muzychuk (FIDE 2535)
2:16:52 GM Surya Ganguly (FIDE 2652)
2:24:43 GM Arthur Kogan (FIDE 2501)


  1. Interesting to see him coaching Pragg in Game 2…

  2. Magnus with only 5 secs on the clock: "I got so much time."

  3. And in case anyone wonders why he's the world champion … this video.

  4. Does anyone know the name of the site that Magnus plays on?

  5. Magnus best quality: his sense of humour 😂😂😂

  6. Did anyone see the 2 move checkmate against nihal when carlson pinned the rook with his queen?

  7. and WHY did i jump in?
    coz im a moron that's why

    it's good to know Magnus gets this too sometimes

  8. Magnus describes everyone very brutally but he forgets to mentions himself as the greatest player of all the times.
    Sending love from India

  9. What's up Magnus? I was hopeful you'd end up in a draw!

  10. …playing against GM 3306

  11. And, kindly, will you ever show us a good play against a strong AI? I coudln't find it online, what a pity.

  12. lol these comments are full of boomers discovering the power of the internet.
    These "how wonderful that we get to see the world champion playing chess live" comments are soooo cringe

  13. "I have way too much time here" with six seconds on the clock

  14. Complete side topic – what software is being used where you can draw these arrows? Chess Vibes seems to use it too

  15. 1:11:21 "I dont see any tactics"
    How about Nxe7 Rxe7 Bxb7 and black can not recapture due to back rank mate.

  16. He realy missed a checmate against Polina ?

  17. Love Hikaru, but listening to him banter with doofuses on the chat board take away from the experience. This is so much better.

  18. They aren't The Indians anymore, they were renamed to The Guardians.

  19. Interesting how even the best can get stuck in dirty blunders like in that second game. Curious to know how that would have played out if they had an extra 5 minutes.

  20. When you see Magnus playing it seems so easy. In whole game we see maybe 4-5 unexpected moves, everything else looks so logical and easy to find. But those 4-5 moves making him genious.

  21. Huge fan thanks for the demonstration!!!!

  22. Magnus says queen to f4
    Me (counts squares left to right then up and down) 😆

  23. 25:00 someone saw the trick magnus could pull off with the bishop?

  24. This stream was game a changer for me!
    Just seeing how he'd rotate the pieces on his side of the board was mesmerizing!

  25. “Teaching about chess, not manners!!” 😂😂😂

  26. Unbeatable in the endgame lmao his brain just processes faster then everyone else in the world

  27. Leonardo Alejandro Perez Guerrero-Lopez says:

    why i have to see to the fucking corner to see the matchs bro

  28. "…just pure, disgusting luck."

    I lost it there xD

  29. Reminds me of thé vidéo, where a man is slapign, first His Family then the police 😀


    1:12 mw2 ch eats on my banner and about page

  31. Thanks Magnus! You gave me some ideas I could incorporate in my own games man! Cheers!

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