Magnus Carlsen on Winning the GRENKE Chess Classic 2019

Winner interview with Magnus Carlsen after winning the GRENKE Chess Classic 2019.

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▬ About the GRENKE Chess Open & Classic 2019 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

The GRENKE Chess Open and Classic 2019 start in the Schwarzwaldhalle in Karlsruhe. Round about 2000 chess players from all around the world play in the open chess tournament while the chess world champion Magnus Carlsen and other top chess grandmasters play iin the prestigious GRENKE Chess Classic. We are looking forward to celebrate our passion for chess the next 11 days.

Karlsruhe Schwarzwaldhalle (Open & Classic)
Karlsruhe: 18 April to 24 April

Baden-Baden, Kulturhaus Lichtentaler Allee 8
26 April to 29 April 2019

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  1. I don't think he will reach 2900. Very sluggish and inconsistent at times. Scares to take risk. This was his best one but unpredictable wins. Now just watch, in next tourney he will be scared to lose and mostly play for draw. LOL That's how he is.

  2. I wish i could win games 'without thinking to much'

  3. I used to dislike this guy; because I thought he was arrogant. I'm beginning to change towards him. It is about Chess and not the person or attitude. He is a very good Chess player. This is what has changed my attitude towards him. I must pay close attention to what he is presenting across the board. This will improve my Chess game. I don't see anyone on his level. He may be Chess Champion for the next ten years. 🏆🥇🇳🇴

  4. Last holiday I was in the same Hotel with Magnus Carlsen, and we played a round of chess. I showed him something new, and I won.

    . Then I woke up.

  5. He will have to buy a house just to store his trophies in.

  6. Momentan ist schach langweilig carlsen und caruana haben keine konkurenz

  7. I hope the future championship matches will be based on the player's speed of calculation, intuition, and instinct instead of long preparations. I definitely prefer to watch action chess than chess prepared in the lab.

  8. Man I'm playing chess and I'm the best one in the female side but I really need to know from the best he is the reason why I'm in first place

  9. he is looking ver vyer vyer sm art i like him so much his atitude wow great genius he is with black suit men in black alien in black

  10. he will crush the chess record of the histroy by reaching 2900 plus human stockfish

  11. Everyone is talking about 2900… Remember something: it depends mostly of the other super GM's!!
    He is playing good for sure, but in the last rounds the others just committed suicide! (Svidler and MVL had ridiculous games)

    It is impossible to keep this performance if the others are playing well.
    This is not (only) about him. Keep this in mind please

  12. Magnus Carlsen dodging all the super grandmaster, is in vigourous form.

  13. The man who best understand chess at present

  14. Magnus seems to have great energy this year. Hope he could maintain it and keep improving. Congrats champ!

  15. Has Magnus ever played against a neural network like Leela? I think he is the closest humanity has to beating her.

  16. What the actual fuck 7.5/9 the fuck is that ratio this guy should be banned in all tournaments. Just give him the crown and save everyone the trouble

  17. Im pretty sure when he mounts her girl, he only thinking about taking the queen…

  18. I’m as good at procrastinating as Magnus at chess.

    Nah, I have to do more nothing to be equally in that level, bravo Magnus

  19. He had returned the accuracy he had missed before.

  20. He is uniqe, BF is the only one in history that could do him in over a 14 match. Different era, but BF vs MC would have been a spectacle for the ages

  21. finaly witnessing a bit of chess history ,since deep blue.

  22. Magnus is responsible for the spike in world wide interest in chess.

  23. Magnus the Magnificent!
    He is such a great ambassador for the game.

  24. Well when you have Ben Finegold as your second …

  25. If you once played Fischer Random, you prefer that over normal chess…

  26. How do you play for activity against a beast? b5 would work against humans but not a machine. Congrats Magnus!

  27. Magnus, it's ok to smile, we know you want to. Just gloat man, you played like a supercomputer lol.

  28. Where in Africa will they play? I hope South Africa 😂

  29. Magnus is the saitama of chess, winning for him makes him bored

  30. Carlsen better drop the attitude if he wants to be a representative of the game. He neither has the looks and charm of Fischer and Kasparov so if people see him like that it's just gonna turn them off the game.

  31. Does anyone know where in Africa they are going to play?

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