Magnus Carlsen on His Game Against Peter Svidler | GRENKE Chess Classic 2019

Interview with Magnus Carlsen after his game against Peter Svidler in round 8 of the GRENKE Chess Classic 2019.

Enjoy the chess analysis of Agadmator’s chess channel on the Svidler vs Carlsen game:

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▬ About the GRENKE Chess Open & Classic 2019 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

The GRENKE Chess Open and Classic 2019 start in the Schwarzwaldhalle in Karlsruhe. Round about 2000 chess players from all around the world play in the open chess tournament while the chess world champion Magnus Carlsen and other top chess grandmasters play iin the prestigious GRENKE Chess Classic. We are looking forward to celebrate our passion for chess the next 11 days.

Karlsruhe Schwarzwaldhalle (Open & Classic)
Karlsruhe: 18 April to 24 April

Baden-Baden, Kulturhaus Lichtentaler Allee 8
26 April to 29 April 2019

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  1. Wow,it's my first time hearing his voice.It's nice !

  2. Calsen has learned a lot from computers.

  3. Go, Magnus! If you reach 2900, you'll be the 1st in the World that will last as a record in the entire history of chess. Moreover, Guinness World Records will take note of this.

  4. If MC continues winning his tournaments like Shamkir and Grenke and NO losses, he will have a chance this year to reach 2900. But with every loss he loses 6-7 points and even a draw he loses 2-3 points. He has an insane +26 points this month on the live rating!!!

  5. We are getting spoiled with all these videos from Grenke…

  6. I am "afraid" if Carlsen keeps on winning like this he can beat his own all time rating))

  7. It would be really great if the players had a some sort of "booth" where they could go in and give the audience their thoughts about the game while playing. This will lift the entertainment level a lot.

  8. The best Chess player the world have ever seen,and is have don it again,and remember if you are doing a "blunder" in chess,then you are a weaker player 😉

  9. It's always more fun to win than lose. In everything.

  10. Talk about destroying ego's…..Magnus is showing all these guys who is da BOSS !!!

  11. I hate how handsome he is like bruh stop save some ladies for us

  12. Can we have the video of their last moves?

  13. Make it to 2900 MC then you get a medal from me!

  14. I love the choice of the music.

    Grenke has a great taste of the music

  15. yess he will reache teh 3000 level soon human engine like capabalnca and fischer.

  16. Its just unbelievable how good he is. I mean seriously, he is so underappreciated, a deeper intuitive understanding of the game than anyone in history. A bigger gap between him and #2 in the world than #2 and #12. What a time to be alive

  17. 1:21 the look of magnus, very hard to get the question in

  18. This vid should have at least 100k views. Great job!

  19. They did that research though with the computer. They put the moves of all the top players in history through the computer to see who was consistently choosing the best moves. Carl sen came out on top with Kasparov second.

  20. Best of all time. Caruana tries to survive at best. Plays for a draw.

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