Magnus Carlsen on his aim of reaching 2900 in Classical Chess

A few days ago Magnus Carlsen made a brave decision. He spoke about his new goal in chess, which is to reach 2900 Elo in Classical chess. Seems really difficult, doesn’t it? Well, Magnus takes us through his thought process as to why he decided on this goal. He also sums up the World Rapid and Blitz 2019 for us and why this was such a difficult event for him.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Amruta seems to be obsessed with knowing how many years GMs would play chess if they had an extended lifetime, LOL. I heard her asking the same to Anish as well. Good interview, though!!

  2. Not gonna lie but Magnus doesn’t feel very comfortable around everyone but I think he knows that sagar and amruta(CBI in general) are very respectable and have been journalists for a very long time which helps him open up and talk to them nicely
    Great job guys keep it up❤️❤️

  3. Did he steal that trophy? Because he lost both blitz n rapid

  4. Congratulations Magnus, these events are not easy, any stumble makes you lose a tournament and everyone is an elite grandmaster.

  5. Exactly… He played well at a professional level…. But not at a Magnus level…. He's wins in the rapid where unbelievable they shouldn't have been anything really… But he won anyway…. I believe he is still an incredible player but he needs to play with a spark of enthusiasm and not be doing these pawn down exchange down stuff he is obsessed with these days…. But anyway he is human and he can do whatever he wants with his career

  6. The dedication of Sagar Sir is just unparallel!!!

  7. Good Interview. It's a shame that despite the COVID incident, Sagar isn't wearing mask. I get that with masks, it gets a bit difficult to get the audio perfect, but let's put everyone's safety first. And I do agree with some of the guys pointing out the 1000 year question which has become repetitive and again, unecessarily removing masks. You guys are doing an insanely good job and are great ambassadors for Chess. But let's be safe. Wish you guys a very happy new year ☺️

  8. What an awesome interview!! When the interviews are genuinely good, genuinely good people give genuinely good interviews. Congratulations to Sagar and Amruta. All the best to Magnus!

  9. You would never have seen an interview like this with Kasparov or any of the other world champs. Maybe Anand? But Magnus really has upped the ante on being approachable and level headed!

  10. I am not sure about reaching 2900 but I am kinda sure about down to 2700 😂😂

  11. Its Sagar and amruta with Good questions otherwise in this situation Other gernalist May got beaten by his Cup. 😂

  12. By far 900 years is the maximum answer any one have given..

  13. Did Magnus say seasonal colds? There isn't anything to worry besides Covid. I deeply hope he is not a conspiracy theorist.

  14. Arguably GOAT but also an entertaining and engaging ambassador for chess. Go Magnus!

  15. Graceful as ever. The GOAT will be back stronger

  16. Was the pineal gland always on top of the trophy ?

  17. So…no mask put on by the interviewer? That's amazing.

  18. Best chess journalist around! Thx for the insightful questions and respectful demeanor

  19. Magnus deliberately lost to not reach alireza the playoffs🤮🤮

  20. Ha, ha, such a cool last question:). 900 years of chess and 100 for something else. This shows that the guy loves chess! What would i do if i have 1000 years to live??? I have no idea:)

  21. Look how many positive comments this video has generated. Such a good step by Magnus to give answers to these young persons. He gained a lot of support in India and chess world. A classic move!

  22. I have seen mangus giving genuine interview and with smiling face for the first time. CHESSBASE INDIA OP

  23. Good interview. Magnus is spot on about the flaws of the format. No player should be happy with Buchholz system. Everyone who is tied for the first place should participate in the tiebreak. FIDE is getting the message. They will try to implement it now at some tournaments. That's good news for 2022.

  24. Sagar is a dedicated guy
    Very Hardworking
    It sometimes becomes awkward to chase World Champion on the lift but he has no qualms about it

  25. This is the most chaotic interview ever. I think I like the idea of running through the city while interviewing

  26. Hope Henrik Carlsen is alright, get well soon!

  27. Amruta just managed to ask the question at the last moment🤣

  28. you should've worn a musk if there was not an issue with audio quality.

  29. Very nice of you to film his dad on crutches. What a scummy move.

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