Magnus Carlsen – Judit Polgar London Chess Classic 2012 Round 6 Play of the day

Daniel King presents his highlight from the 6th round of the 2012 London Chess Classic.
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  1. I really wonder what was going through her mind when she played g6. There was no point to it really.

  2. This is high quality work. It is an impressive feat to cover as much relevant material in so short a time. These kinds of videos are, in my opinion, what the chess world, inexcuasbly, has been missing for too long.

  3. LCC is the best tournament of the year.

  4. poor anand 🙁 he finally won a classical game yesterday, and today he plays the blunder of the year

  5. Thanks for posting !! LCC 2012 = Best tournament of the year so far

  6. Do you not get a break?!!?!! Jesus man you must get exhausted! Your commentary has been excellent as always here and during the live event at the london chess classic. Thank you very much daniel!!

  7. I am new to chess and these videos are very entertaining even with my limited understanding of the game. I have just watching chess videos for the last week. I had never played the game before. I tried playing some games and I just get a massive headache after five minutes. That's my current progress. Anyway coming back every day for these updates is keeping me really interested in the game.

  8. Yes. I very much agree. Not sure why the chess world has been lacking this sort of thing for so long. It's something that everyone of any level of mastery can enjoy.

  9. Good to hear! It's even more impressive that Daniel King can provide commentary, that is interesting to players of quite varying playing strenghts.

  10. I really enjoyed this game. I read about it the New York Times.

  11. Wow, fantastic commentary.


  12. a draw against Aronian is not that bad…

  13. Polgar needs new openings with black vs top level GMSs she almost always gets stuck behind the 6th rank and has problems just developing. Vs top GMs cant always play for a breaking attack with black and hope they overloook something. She needs to do some research on the Sicilian Nadorf with GM King

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