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  1. bless this guy for being true to himself

  2. This this the vaguest speech ever given

  3. historical reasons are much too abstract as a motivation, I understand and respect the Champion's decision

  4. All the best to this great player.hope to still see him playing the odd game.

  5. People still have to catch up to his elo

  6. I know how he feels. Not as a champion, but winning after winning. After about 30 wins in trial, it doesn't mean anything to get another win at this point. There's no joy in it.

  7. When Tal won the chess world championship, a GM congratulated him and told him to enjoy it as it is never going to get any better after that night. He meant, reaching the top is amazing but now what? what is it that dream about now?. Staying on the top requires hard work which, after a while, become too much for too little since the feeling gets older and fainter. Enjoy the journey, whether you reach the top or not.

  8. ana of dota 2 og can relate to this man. no drive anymore becoz nothing to prove already. what do u do when u r at the top at an early age? others make it a life goal. when for them they got it early in life.

  9. He is having the same situation as Saitama…"its lonely at the top"…love and respect to the decision

  10. Is there a "backstory" to this/his decision? Like, did some romance go wrong or something? Tired of reading all the brown-nosing comments below. Would like to see some folks postulate that maybe he's "pulling a Fisher" (minus the demands i suppose) to gain energy/time/$$$/fame/whatever-etc., later on. How "later on"? Don't know at this point.

  11. If you're clearly the best and it's not fun anymore, why not? He can always come back if he feels like it and is healthy.

  12. first rip the viper, and now rip carlsen, rip norway

  13. "When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer."

  14. Magnus! Magnus! Magnus! …

  15. All chess players start declining at 28, it’s a biological fact. He’s stepping down in time just like Kasparov did, he’s just making a good move here 🙂

  16. Definitely nothing strange about this…

  17. Why? Is is because they don't pay the winner of the tournament?

  18. It should go back to being every 3 years so people don't get burnt out like this.

  19. It would feel a million times better for him not to play the match than it would to spend 6 hours with no motivation playing a high-stress, historical match where he might lose. Even if he wins he just keeps the title he's already proven.

  20. So basically what he is saying is he doesn’t want to play just by memory and preparation but by pure talent. You know, like I’ve been saying for years.

  21. What a drama queen. It’s bad manners to declare you are not going to play. Sit it out if you must, but to boldly declare you are not going to do it is a D move. Chess deserves better. FU Magnus.

  22. 👍…and now go for the 2900…👍

  23. FIDE : I looked forward in time, I saw 14,000,605 futures.
    Fans : In how many was Magnus Carlsen not the World Champion?
    FIDE : ONE, Magnus saw that line and went for for it !

  24. They should go back to the days when the title was up for grabs only every 3 years. Doing it earlier than that makes it boring as shit. You gotta turn it into something to look forward to like the World Cup of Football or the olympic games, both played every 4 years.

  25. Now he's gonna go all Josh Waitzkin on us and get into Karate and surfing.

  26. Magnus carlsen in 2024
    I will not play olympiad

  27. I simply feel I don’t particularly like it , NOW
    You don’t have Good sleep

  28. Now just a 17 year old boy from India came to give him some motivation😌👍

  29. Magnus looks so tired lately, hopefully he can rest and gain back passion.

  30. Who after world chess championship game started?

  31. I simply think he found other joys in life and maybe want to spend more time doing what he wants because he already proved to himself and the world that he is the best, and proving that for many years will eventually get repetitive.

  32. Magnus after the 2023 championship : " Yup Ian blundered again, luckily I didn't waste 1 year of my time to play in another disappointing match".

    And Ding is a well deserved champion, Ian need to change (or just bet on luck) next year or he'll forever be the runner up.

  33. I wish he becomes the world chess champion again. Just for fun. Is it more fun to take title than defend?

  34. I think he is totally right that he doesn't have much to gain by playing any more matches. He probably even has stuff to lose, potentially. I think it is totally fair for him to not want to play any more WCC matches. He's already won the title like five times, he's still one of the greatest players this world's ever had. If he just not motivated and doesn't want to play any more matches, then that's totally his choice and we should respect him on it all the way. Love you Magnus!

  35. His not the only big name that didnpt play in WCC😮

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