Magnus Carlsen Broke Chess

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  1. I'm currently on a five game-winning streak, oddly, four of which I won by abandonment.

  2. It truly was the most spectacular run, in all chess history.

  3. This Man Gus Carson Guy Wil Never Stop Suprisengs Us, 🎉😅😮

  4. At 9:34 couldn't Magnus move his pawn next to his king in order to block the opponent's pawn?

  5. Levy saying, "Magnus is busting out" in 10:08 made me laugh so hard

  6. sodium attack is called sodium attack because Na3 has Na in it, but the other explanation is better

  7. When I watch your videos, I need to turn the volume down

  8. been binging your videos! I love how hyped you get!

  9. It's actually called the Sodium Attack? Holy crap this is hilarious.

  10. So, maybe we will get an actual Classical Chess Champion instead of a Speed Chess Champion due to not needing tie breakers. That would be awesome!!!

  11. If you adjust for the "inflation" of skill via improved technology, would magnus carlson be the greatest of all time? Or would an older champ from an era with slower or non existent computers be the greatest of all time if they had access to the same computer systems that magnus does today?

  12. The world champion in 2023, Ding, loses so many games just in the world championship. Blunder so many times.
    And the former world champion, Magnus, is undefeated in 2 years, demolishing everyone, including Ding and Ian. The skills difference, the quality of chess of these two champion is huge.
    I don’t think Ding can avoid losing one classical chess per month. Magnus is really the goat.

  13. Who’s here when ding Liren is world champion 😂

  14. Guys 3 years ago i made a chess account won a game then stopped playing and since i have a longer winstreak im better than magnus i promise bro 100% yes mhmm

  15. I only break my keyboard when the Antonio bot beats me for the millionth time.

  16. in 22:41 , isnt c5 just a free pawn? or am i mistaken in some sort of tactic

  17. I've never lost against magnus carlson cause I've never played him

  18. When I need a reminder that Carlsen is a GOAt then i just look moment from 17:00

  19. I like the initial analysis, but you analyze some games like Magnus was white when he actually was black and vice versa… too much coffee man 😄

  20. How he knows i am an 8 times champion of losing my Queen 😟

  21. I would love to hear you spectate sub 1k games. Be so funny to hear.

  22. such a passionate display of your awe for MC! ty mate

  23. Funny enough, the only reason I know/knew of Magnus Carlsen's name is because I was looking for Transformers Ultra Magnus toys and reviews and the algorithm figured I might like Magnus videos, and I fell down that rabbit hole that led me here to Levi. This was in 2018-ish.

  24. Me who never lost chess before (I don't play chess)

  25. i dont understand how he is wining if magnus is black ageist hikaru is it displayed wrong?

  26. It seems magnus envisions the endgame scenario that he wants and then manipulates the enemy into that position.
    He knows the pathways to get where he needs to, backwards and forwards.

  27. the way he menacingly said g5 made me know it was too good

  28. Levy: Magnus has this, takes, takes, sodium attack, he’s gonna spread your cheeks and put himself in position…

    Me: Oh god. What is this sodium attack thing *homer asleep at the power plant*

  29. i went 125 games and nobody was able to lose against me. thats how good i was. i was a legend at not winning chess games. magnus is on one end of the spectrum, im at the other end. i say we are both equally incredible.

  30. Wait, a GM can be checkmated ? I thought they resigned 5 moves before it happens since they can both see it.

  31. Magnus did not lose for 125 games. I on the other hand did not win for 125!

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