Magnus Carlsen Age 29 vs’s Maximum Computer 25

With’s release of a new 3200 rated chess engine, we see Magnus Carlsen Age 29 face off against one of the world’s best chess computers! What do you think will be the result?

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This is the new chess computer on which allows you to play against a Super Computer to see if you can defeat it! Magnus Carlsen’s play is represented by Magnus Age 29 on the play Magnus App.’s Computer 25 vs Magnus Carlsen Age 29

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  1. First thought – i won't win.
    second thought – extend it.

  2. Damn i lasted 58 moves screenshotted it i was so happy. Now im no chess player i watched queens gambit wanted to try chess started out on the easiest 600 or 650 setting and worked up and after beating a low 2000s computer i for fun wanted to go maximum and yeah it was fun. I was injured and had nothing to do for 6 weeks except watch tv and play chess. I did better than magnus against computer but lost to a regular person in real life. Idk anxiety gets too me playing real person but the computer yah it was truly fun and challenging, i had no idea getting into it id do so well the person who beat me i had him go against like a 1100 on the computer and he lost. This was last year sorry if i dont remember specifics. Yah if anyone has tips to deal with anxiety of playing a person let me know?

  3. The fact that even magnus didn't have a brilliant move…

  4. The more someone like Magnus Carlsen play's the computer, the closer we all are to Skynet genocide.

  5. I watched this in slow mode to understand what happened

  6. I beat a chess bot pretty easily. I just hacked it so I won. It was level 25

  7. I just started getting into chess secretly because my brother is obsessed with it. I know nothing but the moves except the castling because it confuses me.

    He sucks dick because I played for the first time in 3 years and managed to beat him but next time I fight him I'm gonna be a god to him.

  8. I smoked this tin can my first time ever playing chess which was also my first time ever using a computer.

  9. What happened there was no clear result somebody explain please

  10. "Bd8 is best" is that a suggestion for you? I wonder if you took all the suggestions If you would win

  11. I beated it wirh ease

    With the tips and stuff added ofcourse and the thing that makes u recall a move

  12. Why doesnt he just punch the screen? Since the computer has the toughness of 1,67 babies you can punch it and it cant fight back

  13. This man plays well. He might become world champion one day

  14. yo le gano a los dos juntos y sin hacer enroque

  15. X Is an inaccuracy
    Me: yeah you idiot why did you play it that way?

  16. Imagine quantum computer playing against you. Check mate with no move at all.

  17. Шахматы для любителей says:

    А як ви знайшли матеріал для цього відео? Дивилися стрім, як Магнус грає із комп'ютером у прямому ефірі?

  18. Шахматы для любителей says:

    How you found the material for this video? Was you watching a stream with Magnus Carlson and the computer?

  19. Magnus played black and he also played pretty fast. If he would play white and would have taken more time to think, he would have had a good chance to win it. Probably 1 out of 3 games

  20. I am 175 – 0 vs this bot…………….go read a book

  21. He play withmy phone 📱 its hang…

  22. 0:52 on this situation, i will take white knight with pawn. just wonder why magnus choose to check?

  23. Ive beaten the 3200 bot with another bot 😉

  24. ربوت سهل تغلبه بس العيله حركه غير متوقعه

  25. What will happent if you put both computers level 25 to play against each other

  26. مين هو ماكنس كارلسن

  27. @.53 seconds why not take the queen with knite

  28. Ok I’m new to chess. Like 2 weeks in. What would happen if you let 2 AI max level play vs each other? It is always a Remise?

  29. I don't see why he resigned….. the game was far from over and he had 1 open opportunity near the end to make a move to remove the rook off the field.

  30. Imagine someday a player comes and beats the AI

  31. From 2:51 there came up a clear threat. I don’t get why the champion ignored the bishop rook pawn line from b2-h8

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