Magnus Beats Hikaru In 0 Moves

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  1. And Hikaru sacrifices THE GAMEE!!!!!😂

  2. Pov two grandmasters play against each other:
    Game starts
    White moves pawn d,4
    Black surrenders
    *Reason: check in 93*

  3. Wait, how did he get a draw though? Agreement?

  4. frankly is nothing special 'for them' it's like a homie predicted what his homie was gonna do like I said though 'for them' to us it a 100000 IQ 4D never let them know your next move play

  5. This guys play chess outside of chess

  6. couldn't you bid 0:01, then you get black, and the game is over after one move, then you get the win.

    I think I'm missing something and am too lazy to Google it….

  7. Someday there’s gonna be a chess anime, and Magnus is gonna be like an Easter egg in the show

  8. If magnus made a draw how was it 0 moves?

  9. The best part about this is that it’s wrong. Magnus wasn’t doing some 500 iq play to outbid Hikaru. He said himself that was just tired, bid something random, and it worked out.

  10. get ready for the next video where "Magnus Beats Hikaru in -1 move"

  11. Imagine if they predicted that the other one predicted their bids so it went down to 2 seconds for black and 1 for white

  12. You may have outsmarted me, but i have outsmarted your outsmarting…

  13. hikaru was playing chess while Magnus playing psychological warfare

  14. Levy's clickbait is getting more and more overpowered

  15. So? I bet he couldn't beat me cuase I'm very very good at chess HAHAHAHA LOLLLLLL TRASH EZ KIDS

  16. Hikaru was playing chess and magnus was living life.

  17. Hikaru: Beating magnus is my daily routine
    Magnus: not this time old man!

  18. crazy hearing about these chess game modes when I barely know how to play the regular one. battle royale when?

  19. Why did Hikaru thought Magnus would take 9 minutes?

  20. Hikaru knew magnus is going to pick 9:00 so he picked 8:59
    But magnus picked 8:58 but hikaru chose 8:57
    Hikaru picked 0:00 but msgnus picked –1:00

  21. Holy Cow man they played chess witgput even pkaying chess lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. And since this moment, he started playing poker

  23. Hikaru; master of the premove
    Magnus; master of pre-pre move

  24. He got outplayed befor the game even began😂

  25. mangus won before he even played the game💀

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