Magnus Beats Hikaru In 0 Moves

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  1. For those who don’t know biding in chess is where the lowest time chosen gets to play as black

  2. But he still played the game how is it 0 moves???

  3. This is really what chess is about, predicting your opponents move and be hundreds steps ahead.

  4. How did he draw in 0 moves? Or is the title just referring to the mind games at the start?

  5. Hikaru played chess while Magnus played him

  6. Hikaru premoved a blunder 💀💀

  7. Bro got the Joseph vs esidisi predicted prediction

  8. Can somone elaborate what exacly happend?

  9. saving the comments as the 667th comment

  10. You thought you had outsmarted me but i outsmarted your outsmartedness

  11. I feel like Armageddon games would be better if they worked like auctions instead of being double blind… That way, the person who can truly win with the least amount of time could try it. Let them bid second by second, I don’t care lol


  13. Bro this is just like the last scene from death note Light vs near😮

  14. Nah this is the most brilliant move ever played and it wasn’t even in a game

  15. New and necessary rule: the person who ran out of time first loses.

  16. Magnus is truly the evil final boss of chess

  17. not true, he only won the bid and then won the game

  18. i dont understand it, can someone please explain it shortly and simplified please and thank you

  19. Hikaru was playing chess while Magnus was playing death note.

  20. I feel like this is the nineth time you’ve posted about that

  21. This is likely when Katakuri tries to predict Shanks but Shanks counter-predicted Katakuri

  22. But why did hikaru accept the draw , i don't understand?

  23. This is crazy stiff bro . What ? Magnus is on another level

  24. Me after i saw this vid : ,😮😯😲😦😧😮😮😯😲😦😮😯😯😯😮😮😦😦😯😯😲😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😮😯😦😲😶😧

  25. What if Hikaru just bet 1 minute? i dont get how it works

  26. I mean to predict that hikaru is gonna try to predict him is easy
    But knowing exactly which second he’s going to bet that’s just a violation makes him look like a fool 😂

  27. Magnus sacrificed the SECOND 🗿

  28. draw being a win condition is so bonkers.

  29. Dude just gives up because he didn’t get his color? What a bitch

  30. Armageddon sucks as a tiebreak rule. Maybe I’m just complaining because I like Hikaru, but that’s just what I think.

  31. Лёша сейчас сделал определенную часть РФ чуть более конкурентноспособной

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